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Review: Glade Scented Oil Candle Tin: Clean Linen

Updated on October 21, 2009

 You know those deliciously superb set up aisles in the checkout lane at superstores? Sometimes they set them up with magazine racks, soda and candy.

Those aisles are amongst some of my favorite aisles in superstores because sometimes you run into things that you normally would not pick up. Sometimes those things are fantastic little finds. This is exactly where I found a collection of Glade Scented Oil Candle Tins.

I immediately fell in love with the Clean Linen scent, and for $1.99 I figured the little Scented Oil Candle Tin would be an investment well worth it.

What made the tin so special was that when I popped the lid to get a hint of the fragrance I was blown away with the clean linen scent. I was not the only one. My boyfriend exclaimed with a "Wow," and he was standing about three feet away from me. A woman behind us on line also took note of the potent delicious fragrance, and she scooped one up as well.

That's right folks, this micro small oil candle packs one heck of a powerful punch, and I knew that with a potent scent like that, it would live up to its claims; it would fill up an entire room with scent.

The Glade Scented Oil Candle Tin in Clean Linen came in three different choices of tins, but honestly I couldn't care less about the decorative tin. I wanted to get home and burn this candle to see how powerful it really could get.

My Use:

I set the small tin on my kitchen table, lit the wick, and let it works its magic. Sure enough in just a few short minutes the fresh clean linen scent was swirling around the room. The scent was so refreshing, and the thing that caught my attention the most was that I was able to smell it filling up not just the kitchen, but other rooms that had their doors open.

I was captivated, surrounded by refreshing clean linen scent, and amazed at how wonderfully this candle had worked.

The charm of the candle did not stop just while it was lit though. Even after extinguishing the flame, the Clean Linen fragrance stuck around and lingered for nearly 45 minutes after the candle was blown out. That my friend, is pretty impressive considering the small size of it.



I bought only one of these tins, and will be picking up a whole lot of them next time I am in the store. I am still amazed at how powerful the candle is, and I would highly, highly recommend you scoop them up. They will seriously fill the home with lovely fragrance and are perfect for that clean fresh house scent for the upcoming holidays.


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