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Review Of The Lasko My Heat Personal Heater

Updated on March 25, 2013

Lasko MyHeat Personal Heater

4 stars for Lasko MyHeat Personal Heater

An Affordable Personal Space Heater

Not too long ago while I was out shopping, I decided to take a detour down the seasonal section at the local Walmart. They had the usual selection of jumbo space heaters and various home improvement items like weather stripping and insulation. However, in a small section down at the end of the aisle, I noticed a shelf laden with personal space heaters. They were made by Lasko and dubbed My Heat Personal Heater. Intrigued by the small size and a price of just under $12.00, I decided to pick one up and try it out.


The Lasko My Heat Personal Space Heater

Lasko produces these little heaters in just about every color except for yellow and white. I spotted a blue one and purchased it. Upon getting it home and unpacking it from its box and wrappers, I was surprised at its true size, being smaller than the box and the fact that I could hold it in my hand. In the box, you will find a user manual, the heater itself and a warranty registration note. There is nothing to assemble, all you have to do is remove the plastic from the heater and the plug tip cover and plug it in. The manual itself is fairly plain and simple, as is the heater itself. Looking at it, the most distinct features you will see are the rear air intake grill, the front exhaust grill where the heat comes out and a light up ON/OFF switch. There is no thermostat on this heater because it is not meant to keep an entire room warm, rather it is meant to heat the area immediately around you, as the term Personal Heater intends.

Front And Side Views Of The Lasko My Heat Personal Heater


Safely Using The Lasko My Heat Personal Heater

As with all electric heating devices, there is always some risk of fire involved. Most heaters have built-in safety features to prevent fires and keep you, your family and your home safe. Of course, being such a cheap and small heater, it lacks features that kill the power to the heating element in the event of a tip-over incident or a timer to shut it off in the event that you forget to. However, it does include a Over-Temp kill switch, that cuts the power to the heating element when it becomes too hot. In the event that switch is tripped, the heater must be turned off and unplugged for approximately 10 minutes according to the manufacturer.

Of course, the lack of those features shouldn't turn you away from this heater. Since it is intended to be used as a personal space heater, that means that you or whoever will be using this heater will be in close proximity to it. Personally, I think I would know if I tip this heater over if its sitting under or on my desk, as well as not forget to turn it off as it is audible when on, but not annoyingly so. As such, this heater poses no greater risk of fire compared to a larger one with extra safety features, so long as you use common sense when operating it.

Saving Energy With The Lasko My Heat Personal Heater

Perhaps the best thing about this little heater is that you can use it to reduce your heating bill during colder months. Using a personal heater such as the Lasko My Heat can allow you to turn the thermostat down so that your primary heating source has less work to do and heats your home to a lower temperature. The Lasko My Heat consumes 200 watts of electricity, compared to the typical 1500 watts that most electric space heaters consume. As such, this heater isn't meant to and cannot heat an entire room up in the dead of winter. Its meant to heat the area immediately around you so that you can turn the temperature down in the rest of your home.

One of the best places to use this heater is on or under your desk. I personally can attest that it does a great job of keeping my feet warm or keep my upper body comfortably warm while the rest of the room I'm in is around 65-68 degrees.


Is The Lasko My Heat Personal Heater A Good Buy?

Well, it depends on how you look at it. If you're looking for an electric space heater you can plug in in the corner of a room and expect to feel the heat all 10 or 15 feet away, then no. This personal space heater is meant only to be used for what its name implies, as a personal space heater. If you want to turn the thermostat down, save money on your heating bill and stay comfortable all at once, then yes! It makes perfect sense for individuals who want to save money and stay warm, without making yourself suffer. And with electricity and heating fuel prices rising, this heater can pay for itself very quickly.


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    • jesimpki profile image

      jesimpki 6 years ago from Radford, VA

      Do you mean this kind of heater is expensive in your country? If so, electric heat can be expensive depending on how much electricity costs in your area and whether or not you're trying to heat a small area or a whole home with electricity. The only cooler I know of this small would be a fan :) Thanks for commenting!

    • christianajohan profile image

      christianajohan 6 years ago

      I heard this heater is expensive in our country since we are in a tropical area. We don't use this one. I just wonder if you have cooler like this brand. Nice hubbing jesimpki.