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Review Outrageous charges for Toilet Papers

Updated on June 29, 2008

Review the Outrageous Prices of Toilet Papers

As if the thought of going shopping isn't bad enough, we have suffered more and more at the checkout every week with price increases. We expect to have price increases for our groceries, although it is now over the top. We have to pay more and at the same time, they reducing the size of tinned food and packages. We lose both ways and cannot win.

Having said that, why have the prices of toilet papers, gone through the roof. They all end up in the same place, down the toilet, so where do they get off charging the public these atrocious prices. Yes, some papers are better quality than others are. Companies vary their papers from one to four ply, Yet, you can still put your finger through the majority of them. No matter, whether you are a folder or a scruncher.

They come in a number of varieties, embossed, patterned, and scented. Then there are stiff papers, which are a bit rough on the old butt. There is recycled, and there is ones like I bought a few weeks ago that had more holes in each roll, than there was paper. Very poor as far as manufacturing goes, where were the observers while they were made.

You can buy them in two, four, eight, twelve, or sixteen packs. Some have more sheets per roll than others have, our supermarkets do not charge accordingly.


Here is the result of what I found on checking prices from different local stores.

Prices at Woolworths in Western Australia

Quilton 8 pack 400 sheets 3 ply cost $9.97

Purex 8 pack 230 sheets 2ply cost $6.82

Kleenex 16 pack 190 sheets 2 ply cost $11.98

Kleenex 8 pack 190 sheets 2 ply cost $6.97

Sorbent 12 pack 190 sheets 2 ply cost $9.99

Sorbent 8 pack 190 sheets 2 ply cost $6.82


Prices at Coles in Western Australia

Quilton 12 pack 190 sheets 3 ply $7.99

Purex 12 pack 190 sheets 2 ply $6.49

Kleenex 12 pack 190 sheets 2 ply $10.99

Kleenex 8 pack 190 sheets 2 ply $6.59

Sorbent Seascape 12 pack 190 sheets 2 ply $7.99

Wondersoft 9 pack 210 sheets 2ply $4.60

Bouquets Vanilla embossed 16 pack 2 ply $7.99


Prices at IGA in Western Australia

Purex 12 pack embossed 230 sheets 2 ply $7.29

Kleenex 12 pack 190 sheets 2 ply $10.50

Sorbent 12 pack 190 sheets 2 ply $9.62

Sorbent 8 pack 190 sheets 2 ply $7.10


My comments

I found it very hard to do a complete price check for the simple reason all shops do not stock the 8 and 12 pack toilet rolls of each brand. So have collated the best I could to use for comparison. Some would stock 8 and 12 packs, whereas others would stock 9 and 16 packs of the same brand.

These prices come from the same Rockingham Shopping area in Western Australia. So how can the companies charge completely different prices in the one area? These are all shelf prices not any specials.

Another point, twelve months ago we could buy a twelve pack of toilet rolls for $3.99 on special. Now you cannot buy the good brands under $5.99 on special. How times have changed.


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