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Review of Joann Fabric and Craft Store Site

Updated on December 26, 2014

Amazon has wonderful information on quilting projects

This website offers so much more than simply fabrics and crafts. Surprisingly there are tons of classes and other offerings for online options customers will enjoy.
This website offers so much more than simply fabrics and crafts. Surprisingly there are tons of classes and other offerings for online options customers will enjoy. | Source
The variety of colors in their 50,000 different products for sale is a terrific attraction.
The variety of colors in their 50,000 different products for sale is a terrific attraction. | Source

They offer more than simply fabric. Shoppers would be surprised at everything they will find here

Joann Fabric and Craft Stores have an enormous presence in the marketplace when it comes to fabric. They are well known in the Do It Yourself community of people. The company has more than a few brick and mortar stores which are competitively priced and easy to locate. There are tons of sites in lots of cities around the country. Their online existence is certainly nothing to sneeze at either. It is up and coming. The business is eager for more customers to come and take a look at what they offer.

Merchandise available

The name of the business reveals they do sell fabric or material for the most part used for sewing. Surprisingly the store has merchandise to satisfy craft interests as well. Artsy items to satisfy the curiosity of crafty sorts of folks are stock piled along with fabric options.

In fact, there are things such as; needle arts, scrapbooks, home décor, baking, storage, jewelry making, quilting, classes, parties and even lights for sale. The company has already seen a success with their brick and mortar locations. By constructing a website for all of the wonderful merchandise for sale, they are willing to bet clients or customers have the same satisfaction with the online version of the business.

Technology is moving in the direction where an enormous amount of sales are made via the web. In fact, the amount of money customers are spending with virtual shopping has increased tremendously in recent years. Any company not investing in a website presence is missing out on tons of revenue. This is one business going in the right direction by introducing this form of marketing. How well it does depends on more than a few factors.

This is a review of the website with several advantages and disadvantages spelled out for customers.

What do they have for the customer?

There are a few differences between this company and similar businesses. The first is the amount of goods stocked for sale. With over 50,000 items, there is more than a lot to choose from. Making it easy for shoppers to look through this many items is extremely important for the company and a special need for patrons visiting the site.

There is organization and visual appeal for all of the different items discovered in any shopping encounter. They attempt to make each one fun and stress free. The retailer's set up on the site enables sorting and selecting any of these according to Brand or several other ways of finding what is needed. The ability to sort according to name, Brand, category and one unique idea is based on previous purchases are all options.

Previous purchase info is one well liked option. Customer's checkout info is downloaded and kept in the site under a person's membership info. The next shopping experience by the same patron remembers former checkouts and sets up a favorites section based on this previous checkout data.

Best selling items in the same groupings or customer favorites are offered as a choice also based on an analysis of purchased favorites. There are a few selections only available at specific brick and mortar locations, but not on the site. Though nearly every piece of merchandise in stock is found on the site.


An enormous shopping choice is always a bonus. An easy way to sort through them is also wonderful. With such a large stock hard to find items are more likely to be found with this company.

Remembering previous check out items is a bonus for any shopper buying the same types of merchandise over and over again. This means faster and easier purchasing with a return visit.


A big selection of items is a plus and a minus. Searching for one specific thing and unsure of the exact name or category to find it in is a possible nightmare. It is looking for a needle in a haystack.Too much is not always a good thing.

Everything in stock is not online. The exact amount of items not found on line versus the brick and mortar store is not mentioned. Not certain if the future will bring all items online or if this pertains to one single category of merchandise.

Items similar businesses do not carry

The company has lots of the same items sold by other fabric and craft stores. Though, there are several which single them out from their rivals. Check out these unique offerings which make them different from the average business in the same market.


Lighting is generally an unusual class for this type of retailer. However, it does make sense. Working on crafts and other projects needing a lot of attention to detail, sometimes very small details, should have the proper lighting. This makes the job not only easier, but safer as well.

The fixtures come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. There are models designed for the floor, desk, table tops and even some with magnifiers attached for attention work like quilting or needlepoint. Prices are extremely competitive and selections include trendy designs as well as traditional ones.

Energy efficient bulbs are an option along with hard to find out of the ordinary wattage and shapes.


Cleaner and better energy choices are always a plus.

This is certainly something not seen a lot in this industry. This is really ingenious and no doubt will sell well. Lighting is important when working on lots of these projects.

The drawback is this amount of lights they sell. This is another item taking up space and making it more difficult to find what you want and need.


Classes for children and adults are at many of the brick and mortar locations around the nation. Teachers on staff are experts and knowledgeable instructors that not only give students valuable know how, but also make it fun.

Enrollment forms found online include the time and place for each one. Most are reasonably priced and some are even two for the price of one.

None are available to take electronically, but a variety are found at many of their locations with different times and dates to make it convenient to work around any schedule. A calendar posts current and future offerings along with pricing information for each.

Online classes are very popular because of their convenience of taking them from home. The biggest disadvantage is lots of the most popular are not online, but in their brick and mortar stores for a variety of reasons.


Crafting parties are wonderful. Whether you want an adult theme or even a birthday party for your artsy child, they do a wonderful job at both. The children's option really stands out as a terrific advantage not found elsewhere.

Children birthday parties are formed around the idea you choose. After completing a short questionnaire a planning meeting takes place with professional store staff to make certain things go off without a hitch. Discuss the details of what you need and would like to see at the event during the meeting to assure a successful get together.

Invited guests complete one project based on the topic your child chooses. They offer a personal room for the celebration, set up and clean up, an instructor to supervisor constructing any crafts and any supplies the kids will need. Invitations are also included in the cost. Guests also get the chance to decorate and eat a sweet.

Parents bring decorations, beverages, tableware and any other snacks you would like to have, including the cake and candles. The cost is $125 for an invite list up to 8. Expect to pay only $10 more for every extra guest past the first 8.

The price is very inexpensive when compared with the average birthday party for a child. The money spent is worth losing the muss and fuss of set up and clean up. This is a chance to give a special kid an exceptionally unique present to celebrate their special day they will remember forever with a theme as unique and innovative as they are.

If you do not have a location close to home or convenient hours you will miss out on this benefit. Limiting your party size is disappointing, but expected. Most parents would love to see the extras, like the cake and decorations, included in the price of the party.


Shipping is reasonable and the they do ship outside of the states to countries like Canada. Customers are able to order via the website or by phone and have items shipped to a specific store for physical pick up of an item if they choose.

A number of things for sale have reduced or free shipping fees and lots of coupons are found around the web directed specifically at this retailer's selections.

There are not a lot of drawbacks to their shipping process or costs.

Gift cards

Gift cards are an option in denominations from $10 to $400 in whole dollar amounts. Redeem these on the phone, online or in the store. These make a great choice for that special someone who enjoys constructing these types of creative undertakings. With categories also directed at decorating the home, classes and special celebrations make the options for using them very appealing to a range of people.

Buy and activate these directly from the webpage. What’s more, check the balance and view shopping history here as well.

Gift cards are a wonderful gift and the number one gift requested by most people. Free shipping when using their gift cards would be nice, but unfortunately it is not included. There are not a lot of disadvantages using these versus cash money.

Holidays and special occasions

When looking for something out of the ordinary for special holidays or a get together like graduation, keep this store in mind. Decorations, invites and favors are beautifully presented. Lots of their holiday motifs have exception pricing with up to 50% off and special “buy now” offers. Even seasonal décor in a general theme for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter available.

Special occasion fabric is always a popular piece of merchandise for anyone who would like to make their own out of the ordinary present. Lots of wedding and shower hostesses get what they need here when they have a budget to keep in mind. Finding the right stuff is fairly easy and simple with so many options to select from.

Baby showers are a well like class of merchandise for sale. Candy, treats, invites, party favors, tableware and nearly anything else needed for a successful baby shower are available for shipping directly to your door.

Having special occasion fabric and crafts is always a benefit. When customers are looking for the holidays it makes a difference if you are able to accommodate them for the special day or occasion. Buying these on sale or after markdowns for the next time you need them is always wonderful.

The drawback is if you are not able to find these items on sale when you need them. They are typically more expensive when they initially come out for sale.

Print counterparts

Items on the site are also available through the company catalog or weekly sale ad. The weekly sale ad is located directly on the webpage in its entirety. Catalogs are available for order. All items they offer for sale in both of these publications are on the site with a few exceptions.

These exceptions are typically in the catalog and found under discontinued or limited seasonal items. Their replacements are not disappointments and generally closely related to the original in pricing, construction and other factors.

The publications make it easier to find some of the items which are hot or on sale without sorting through 50,000 items in inventory.

Disadvantages include not having all items in the catalog or print ad on the site.

Keep in touch

Customer service is available through the web source, by phone or in one of the stores. Order tracking is an option along with a sign-up sheet for a mailing list. Signing up for the mailing list makes you eligible for many special promotions, coupons, exciting news or announcements.

Special events held at any physical location are listed here. These include things like demonstrations, out of the ordinary sales and even guest speakers occasionally are available. Check back here for a printable schedule of these events.

These are both huge advantages and great to see. The customer service feedback overall for the company has not been outstanding with customers around the web. Though, they are not the worst in the industry or the best for that matter.

In conclusion

This is a wonderful company with a great history for a number of decades. With several advantages over others in this industry their overall service is to be applauded. The business is very active in all the communities where their brick and mortar stores are found. They work with companies and Brands like Goodwill, United Way and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Customers are able to give monies directly to any of their various charities directly from their web page.

The company has taken the time to make children an enormous part of their marketing and merchandising incentive and come up with ways to make this happen. This is a wonderful idea which is attractive for many parents. This means not only does the company get the parents hobby dollars, but their offspring's as well.

Arts and crafts have been around for a long time. They will continue as an extremely popular hobby, pastime and career path for countless people. With wonderful merchandise, reputation, customer satisfaction and website, this particular retailer has a very bright and profitable future ahead of them.

This is a great demonstration on how to choose the right fabric for apparel

© 2013 smcopywrite


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    • rls8994 profile image

      rls8994 4 years ago from Mississippi

      I absolutely love this store! They have everything you could ever want lol


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