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Review of the GE Electric Double Burner Hot Plate

Updated on February 7, 2013

The GE 1500 watt Double Burner Electric Cooktop

We recently undertook the exciting and exhausting task of completely redoing our outdated kitchen, and purchased the GE Double Burner Hot Plate (model #169214) to use for our daily cooking tasks. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. While the appliance did not heat up as quickly as I would have liked, it maintained a steady temperature, and allowed us to continue to cook nutritious meals, without having to resort to fast food.

The model that I purchased, had two burners with separate heat controls. This feature allows ou you to prepare two dishes at one time. We used this hot plate, along with a compact microwave during our kitchen remodel, and could prepare nearly any meal we desired. The hot plate had a thermostat built in, so it would shut itself off when it reached temperature. At first, I was concerned, especially when boiling pasta, and the like. But it would quickly resume once the appliance had cooled down. This safety feature is invaluable, and worth the slight inconvenience.

Cleaning up the burners was easy enough...simply wiping down with a damp spounge was all that was needed. Of course, you had to wait until it cooled down, but that did take a bit of time.

Alternate Uses After the Remodel is Complete

If you're like me, I hate buying something for a temporary purpose, then not being able to re-use the item. Although we purchased this hot plate for our use during our kitchen remodel, we have since put it to use in our RV. On more than on occasion, when we were running a bit low on propane, I have opted to make our meals with this hot plate. If you've ever run out of propane half way through cooking, you can imagine what a little life saver this appliance can be.

And SOMEDAY in the future, we plan to embark on yet ANOTHER remodelling project...converting our basement into a granny flat apartment. At that time, this handy double hot plate will then find its final home when we add it to the kitchenette.

Would I buy it again?

All and all, I was genuinely pleased with my GE Electric Hot Plate. And yes, I would buy it again. Would I trade my new kitchen for it....not on a bet!!!

Happy Cooking and Remodelling!!!

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    • Tall Clovers profile image

      Tall Clovers 4 years ago from Southern California

      Thanks for the advice and feedback. I did make some revisions. Hopefully these changes are helpful. Thanks again.

    • Paul Maplesden profile image

      Paul Maplesden 4 years ago from Asheville, NC

      This hub would greatly benefit from more content. What is it specifically about this appliance that sets it apart from others? What practical uses have you found for the appliance? How easy is it to clean? What is it's value for money? These would all add to the benefits of this hub.