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A Review of The Kay Home Outdoor Firepit

Updated on May 6, 2011

Regency Park Outdoor Fireplace

Regency Park Outdoor Fire Pit
Regency Park Outdoor Fire Pit

Review of Regency Park OutDoor Fireplace

If you are looking for an outdoor over or patio style fireplace, then perhaps my research on the Regency Park Outdoor Fireplace can assist you.

When looking for a safe fireplace, I noticed that the regency Park Outdoor Fireplace had all four sides covered so that no little fingers could be burned while a fire was going. The sides afforded a nice view of the flames. The door in the front allowed access to the logs. The poker that was included hung neatly from the side and yet was out of the way so that it did not interfere with the view of the fire. The door opened and latched securely, so that children would not be able to open it unnoticed.

Manufactured in China through Kay Home Products which distributes from their home office in Antioch, Illinois.  If you need to contact them you can reach them at 800-635-3831. Kay Home Products was Founded in 1989

We purchased the outdoor Fire Pit on Sale at Home Depot. It took about an hour to put together. The screws have two washers, one regular and one lock washer as well as a nut. So the product is secure.

The directions were concise and clear and we were able to follow them with no problems at all.

They have several styles of fire pits available,  but we chose the old world style of the Regency Park. The finished product weighs about 100 pounds and it is best to assemble it outside in the location that it will remain so that you are not carrying it a long distance.

There is another style made by the Kay Home Products company that has the more traditional chimney look but personally I chose the old world looks of this version. One reason for my choice was the open grate style.  This enables the fire to be easily and safely viewed. 

The first fire was easy to get started and we were able to feel the heat from all four sides. All in all we really love the Kay Home Regency Park Fire Pit.

Spending time outside can be more enjoyable if you have a fire pit to gather around, Sitting in the chilly evening with a roaring fire can be romantic, calming and completely entertaining.

With the right fire pit, you can enjoy the fire safely because of the protection that the sides afford. Once you have your garden planted and are looking for more ways to enjoy your handiwork, consider placing a fire pit and chairs near the garden. This will provide the joy of a garden view as well as the scent of the flowers as you enjoy in the cool of the evening.

For more information and hubs on gardens and outdoor living you can check out my hub that can assist in planning your garden.

For learning more about the balance of the outdoor living area, you can visit Feng Shui for the Outdoor Living Area


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    • vicki goodwin profile image

      Sojourner McConnell 5 years ago from Winchester Kentucky

      Thanks Stessily. I loved the evenings with this firepit. It was a great choice for me and I never regretted it.

    • profile image

      stessily 5 years ago

      Vicki, Your review of this product is helpful. Without seeing the other Kay outdoor firepit with its traditional chimney, I would still make the same choice as you have done. Regency Park is attractive, and it's appealing for all of the reasons which you've given.

      Appreciatively, Stessily

    • lyla1 profile image

      lyla1 6 years ago

      im sorry but this is the first hub i spotted from you, it looks amazing by the way, but most of all..... thanks for your comment on Comedy-Catch-Up. it meant a lot, and mabe if you could spread the word about my hub, that's the first really nice and kind comment i ever gotten, well it's the only comment i ever got, and once again.... THANKS SOOOO MUCH


      please comment back if possible xx

      - Lyla1

    • profile image

      Ava G 7 years ago

      Just bought one of these outdoor fireplace, will try it out tonight! Does anyone know where I can get a cover for this fireplace? Thanks