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Reviews on Viewsonic's VFA724W-10 7-Inch High Resolution Digital Photo Frame

Updated on July 14, 2011

After doing tons of research I came to an idea of buying this Viewsonic'S VFA724W-10 photo frame. It is very easy to use. I bought this photo frame a few days ago for an older relative and suggest my friends to buy this one. As its price is not too high so it will cost bellow your budget, I think.

First the Pros...The quality is incomparable for the price! The brightness of the pictures was absolutely great. The brightness really makes the frame shine. And any sort of viewing is excellent in that viewsonic’s photo frame. It is also very simple to use, it can rotate, zoom and crop. I was looking forward to such type of photo frame in a cheap rate. And this photo frame exactly matched with my criteria. A few days back I bought a 7 inch photo frame but this was not so good. And it is not suitable for an old man to see the pictures in it. After getting the photo frame my relative just loved it. When I bought that frame it was only $29. And at that cheap rate this photo frame looks really great. The entire frame is glass plated and it is not like other frames which are made up of cheap plastic. It has a stand in the frame which holds the total frame.

Viewsonic'S VFA724W-10 may not have special features in its menu. But it is pretty simple to operate. IT has play, push forwards and backwards button as usual. It is a simple photo frame but classy. And can be nice gift to anyone. As the price matters so you cannot expect a lot from that frame. And it is ok for a 430*234 high resolution. There is no broad memory in it. You need to use a SD card or a flash drive to store the photos. Again you can wait for something better. It’s really up to you.

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