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Rice Cookers - How to Make Perfectly Cooked Rice Every Time

Updated on November 2, 2010

Rice can be so hard to cook. It takes a perfect balance of heat, water and time to make a lovely bowl of fluffy, flavorful rice. You have to watch it constantly too and make sure that it doesn't get overcooked or worse, burned. And what if you under cook it? Forutunately, there is an easy way to make rice that's been popular in Asia since the 1950's. The electric rice cooker.

Why is Rice so hard to make?

Rice is a tricky food to make. The right balance of ingrediants, cook time, and heat are required to make good rice. The only problem is that making rice on a stove top makes it very difficult to balance all of these factors even if you follow instructions. Rice is not a set it and forget it kind of food. You have to watch the time and heat and if you are using non instant rice, it can take a very long time to cook. This can be a real hassle while trying to prepare the rest of your meal. You might even forget about it and come back to find your rice overdone or the pot boiling over. 

But, if you have an electric rice cooker, all these problems disappear.

Rice Cookers

Rice cookers were first developed in post world war 2 Japan and caught on quickly. By the 1960's almost every Japanese household had a rice cooker. Now rice cookers are starting to become popular all over the world and not just in Asia.

What makes a rice cooker worthwhile?

  1. Easy to use - All rice cookers require minimal effort and attention on the part of the cook. If you buy pre-washed rice, preperation can be as simple as adding a cup of rice and filling the cooker's bowl up with water to the prescribed line and then pushing the start button.
  2. Automatic - After setting the rice you just leave it alone and let it do it's thing. The rice cooker adjusts for time and heat and will let you know when your rice is finished.
  3. Minimal Cleanup - All rice cookers are very easy to clean. The removable cooking pots are all nonstick and can be rinsed out in a few seconds and that's all it takes.
  4. Perfectly Cooked Rice Every Time - Once the time is up, your rice is finished and it will come out perfectly. 

Cool Rice Cooker Features

  • Once the rice is finished, rice cookers can keep the rice warm for hours without it drying out.
  • Timered rice cooking is possible with more expensive rice cookers. You can set the rice cooker the night before with a built in timer and have fresh rice in the morning or set it before you leave for work and have rice waiting for you when you get home.
  • You can cook other things, not just rice. Steamed vegetables, porridge and paella are also possible. Even soup and stew can be easily prepared.


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