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Rich Green Apartment Decoration Using Color Psychology

Updated on January 9, 2015

The Color Green

Green is a difficult color. It means growth, renewal and hope on the one hand but envy and poison on the other. The darker hues can be unsettling whereas the lighter ones can be as calming as the airiest of blues, and more. This richness of meanings makes green an equivocal d├ęcor choice -- it can be just too rich and demanding -- and asks for caution and moderation. It usually goes well in combination with other colors, bringing out the brightness of red, pink and orange, following nature's own flower-stem arrangements and configurations.

Sophistication and elegance present yet another, less obvious side of this color. Green flatters the female figure and is one of sexiest colors out there, precisely because of its understatement -- it reminds of growth and birth in a roundabout, allegorical way. Not accidentally, green also means newness and inexperience, which can be a real turn on, especially if it is known that the case is quite opposite.

Tamara de Lempicka

De Lempicka was a painter of a Polish origin and a genuine cosmopolitan mindset. She absorbed influences from different painting schools, including Art Deco and Cubism, and amalgamated them into a chic, elegant and high-minded style. Her paintings show willful character embroidered with unexpected tenderness and surprising vulnerability. Her green is a color of subterfuge and sophistication; it is deep, enthralling and rich -- the dark side of green.

Michael Sowa

Michael Sowa is a German surreal artist. Sowa's landscapes are unconventional to say the least -- he is fond of fantastical animals (or animals in fantastical situations) and obscure symbols, and his green is jungle-deep and magical. He paints fairy tales with an edge, hypnotizing us by the luscious foliage, but at the same time slightly pushing us away. I would not want to live inside his creations, but I wouldn't mind continue looking at them -- discover the creeks, the nooks, the hide-outs. In some of his paintings he adds a touch of caricature and political and social satire.

Frida Kahlo

I admire Kahlo for her willingness to search within herself. Her self-portraits, especially with animals, combine emotional implacability with inner softness communicated by the bright colors -- green being among them. Not being particularly beautiful, she displays strength and complexity of character that make her a charismatic figure. She magnetizes with her gaze. In fact, the little monkeys surrounding her appear already magnetized, subdued by her eyes. Frida Kahlo often relied on green backgrounds, and included trees and vines to express her love for nature.


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    • MsCookM profile image

      MsCookM 7 years ago

      I love green and turquoise is the color trend for 2010. I agree with you that green is good color choice for home interior. Nice hub!