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Rid that Roach

Updated on April 1, 2012

Getting Rid Of Your Cockroaches

You may think that it is relatively easy to get rid of the Cockroach problem that has invaded your spottlessly clean home, its not and i have found that out the hard way, but good news i have done some research hatched my own war plan against cockroaches and have been successful getting rid of a major infestation. Now i am going to teach you how to do what i did.

Cockroach Problem

The problem with cockroaches is not only the fact they are hiddeous creatures, but they carry pathogens such as salmonella and other diseases into your home. They are able to get into the smallest space and will carry these pathogens with them. Their habits are nocturnal in nature and they will often come out and night to forrage for food and water. They can survive for long periods without food but can't go one week without water. I wont go into all the species of cockroaches because you can find out all of this on the net, and i want to concentrate on erradication of your problem. One thing before we start, do pay attention to these stages for if you just go spraying, baiting and mixing all those products in one stage, you will just scatter them.

The German Cockroach
The German Cockroach

Cockroach Retaliation Program

Ok so each stage will be written in depth to ensue that you put the whole erradication pest control plan into action.


  1. Openings There is no point laying traps and poisons down if you do not take the necessary precautions to proof your home from cockroach entry. Typically they will enter through cracks, vents and any small openings. If you have a pool areas and a lanai, those water ducts that lay open to allow the water a direction to flow away is essentially one of the ways they will enter. What i did was to cover the openings with mesh to ensure water can still escape, but the door is closed to cockroaches and other bugs.
  2. Cracks and Crevices Ensure all cracks and crevices are maintained and filled in with the appropraite cement or plaster. Again you are just denying an entry point at this time.
  3. How beautiful is your garden? Ok so your garden may be wonderful and full of color, but think about what you are doing and how you can make your garden or your yard, pest resistant before you lay down poison. Cockroaches, Earwigs and other bugs typically like the mulch that hold moisture, because it is dark and warm for them to live in and breed. Consider not using mulch in your garden and instead use pebbles or stone chips. This is far better, good drainage and you are removing the environment which they like to live in. Think about the design of your garden , and what plants are conducive to harboring bugs. Should they be close to your building, will the roots cause dampness and at worse damage to the fabric of the building.

The Weapons Used

Now we are going to look at what i used in my fight against them, and i will also recommend the products i had success with, and the ones that i failed with. The first stage is going afer the adult cockroaches, then we will change our tactics and go after the babies.

I used cockroach hotels and little plastic bait boxes but found them to be inneffective. I also used caned sprays with exception of one that i found poor because they were quick kill and not a total erradication, they smelled and left residue even though they claim not to. The use of boric acid is ok if you want to have that powder everywhere, but consider the cock roach has to pass through it or eat it and then carrry it back till it dies. Boric acid is a strong poison and when they walk through it, they could also be carrying that powder over your utensils. Here's my plan and what i used in my four stage plan.

  1. Bengal Roach Spray
  2. liquid bait
  3. cucumber and orange peel
  4. Packing Tape
  5. Ortho Home Defense

You may be wondering why i have added the cucumber and orange peel. You will see why in the next section as we go to work to ensure we erradicate all the bugs in our home. This program will work for almost all pests and save you on yearly pest control bills and call out charges. The packing tape is just for fun as the little buggers get stuck on them and you can spray them directly. Just put the packing tape on some card and leave in areas where they frequent. It's like fishing for bugs.

Cockroach Lifecycle
Cockroach Lifecycle

Going Into Battle

Ok folks, the time has come to draw those swords and in the imortal words of William Wallace, scream "Freedom" as we march into the battle zone of the roach. We are going to battle with our weapons of roach destruction.

  1. Spray Using Bengal Roach Spray. Now clean everything away in your kitchen, your bathrooms and other areas such as the utility room. Spray under sinks and in bathrooms, in every crack and crevice, and seal any areas that you can see. This spray does one thing and it does it well. It will flush out your roaches and kill them where you can see them and sweep them away, it is a dry powder, no smell and no mess. This is more beneficial as they won't die under your fridge, your dishwasher or anywhere else. The Bengal roach spray causes them to be irritated and they try to escape by flushing them from where they are hiding. They will then die where you can see them and clear them away. If you are using the Bengal Gold Spray, this will sterilize the adults and they will fail to reproduce. This spray is not lingering and you would need to re-apply after and week or two if really heavy and you may miss some babies as they hatch later.
  2. Cucumber and Orange Peel. Mix these in separate dishes, because you have gotten rid of most of the adults, you will now place these in on your counter tops. This concoction very successfully deters the babies and other pests as they seem to dislike the smell or the chemical contained in these natural sources.
  3. Combat Roach Gel. Now take your roach gel, this will get the babies now as it attracts them due to its consistency of water and food, yet delivers a lethal dose of poison. Put the gel in the areas where you think it is needed such as around the cooker and base board of your kitchen or other spots where you may have missed. They will forrage there at night, find the bait then die.

Learn pest control

Protect the Perimeter Defenses

Now we are going back outside folks. We have erradicated the enemy inside and now we are going to prevent the outside, and this is where your physical precautions will now work hand in hand with your preventative spraying outside. You can use Ortho Home Defense or you can use something a little better with your own sprayer. Ensure you wear protective equipment such as a mask and visor at the very least. If you have an overal, all the better.

  1. Now take your sprayer and mix in the correct amount of premethrin to water, or if you already have the home defense spray, ensure you have a decent sprayer.
  2. Spray your lawn and your yard working in strips as if you were mowing, cover everything.
  3. Spray the perimeter of your home and ensure you get behind bushes, on window sills and around doors - in every hole and around entrances, even the ones you have sealed

This is all that needs to be done. You can carry out these measures once a month, until you get control.


This is a very easy process and one that i have found is successful for a major problem. I moved into a home that came with the guests - no one told me they had moved in. We were devasted to find them in the kitchen, our bedroom and the fact that other pests came with them. I had some experience of pest control in the miliatary and put this training to good use. I researched and hatched my own war against them. I have been successful and did not pay for a pes control company to come out. You can follow this plan and you will be effective in winng the war against Cockroaches.


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  • jockbrocas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jock Brocas 

    6 years ago from USA

    I used bangal roach spray and i found little use as it does not have a long term effect. The issues i found was that it blasted them and flushed them out but not much else. I prefered an approach where i could use a combination of home defence and roach tablets. That really worked.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    What is your take on Bengal roach spray?


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