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Rinnai ES38P Direct Vent Wall Furnace Review

Updated on January 5, 2014

Rinnai ES38P Direct Vent Wall Furnace

Winter may be a few months away but if you want a solution to the cold nights you dread during the dreary season then you should have a look at the Rinnai ES38P Direct Vent Wall Furnace. This hub page reviews this excellent direct vent wall furnace. We have a look at the pros, cons, and specifications of this must-have home appliance.

There are various ways you can keep your house warm. Many experts recommend that you should have carpets, double insulated windows, and curtains installed in your house but they are not enough to keep the house as warm as you want it. If you have a direct vent wall furnace in your house then the cold will never creep into your room again. What makes the Rinnai ES38P so great is its automatic temperature control system. For example, if the room gets too hot then the Rinnai ES38P will automatically lower the heat generated so the room temperature can cool down a little. Once it gets too cool, the direct vent wall furnace automatically adjusts the heat generation system again.

The Rinnai ES38P is also one of the safest wall furnaces you will ever come across. It comes with a cooling external cabinet so you will never burn yourself whenever you touch the outside cover. It also comes with a child safety lock. This is essential if you have children at home. As you may know, children tend to be curious about everything so chances are, they will be curious about the Rinnai ES38P. If they open the wall furnace while its on then they are at great risk of hurting themselves with third degree burns. If you have a heavy duty safety lock installed then this would make sure nothing ever goes inside the cabinet.

The Rinnai ES38P Direct Vent Wall Furnace costs around $1,500 (subject to changes) but it is a very worthwhile long-term investment. This wall furnace can last for years if it is maintained well and cleaned regularly. THe ES38P utilizes propane gas but you can also get an alternate version, the ES38N, if you wish to use natural gas instead. If you are not good with handy work then you are recommended to get a professional handyman to install this direct vent wall furnace for you as it involves a lot of pipe management and drilling. Make sure you don't leave your furnace next to a corner desk though. That is one big safety hazard.

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