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Battling Eradicating, and Fighting, insecticide resistant roaches.

Updated on March 18, 2014

NEVER had trouble ridding my home of roaches, until now.

My old standby; Roach bait in the tube from the massive box store. Applied back of drawers, crevices, and around areas where water was in my home, kitchen and bath.

I grew up off and on in apartments and rented homes.

Rented properties often have roach issues. Many of ours did, that we moved into as I was growing up. Roach bait in the tube always cleaned up the infestation, about 6 weeks and they were gone.

We use repurposed items and used furniture.

One of the best ways to infest your home with roaches is to use previously owned upholstered furniture. Also shopping from anywhere can bring them in. They love cardboard and brown paper. They also love any undisturbed wood or paper.

Since we are going to use repurposed items and used furniture, we needed control methods.

We always examined for evidence of problems, when buying something. If we were in the home where we bought the used item, we would scan the rom and see how they kept the home, where we bought the item from. Very few homes have bad infestations. We would sometimes leave an item out a few days to run off anything hard to spot.

We finally bought a great house, and the battle was on!

I should have sprayed it well before moving in. I felt that since I have always managed to control bug issues, I would just put out the tube bait and everything would work out, just like always. I found that the relatives, who sold us the house, had a roach problem. When I noted that the roaches did not respond well to my extermination methods, they detailed how they tried EVERYTHING. Aresol bombs, exterminator companies, tube bait, and nothing worked. They bought a used dishwasher that had roaches in it, they found this after installing the appliance. From that day they fought and lost the roach war.

Using methods that don't work, over and over, is crazy.

So I went on a search for those who have WON the bug wars. I learned a few things, over the years. I learned that roaches will eat anything, and they must have water. They cycle through hatching, becoming adults, and reproducing. The roaches would go away, then a few weeks later, the population would explode.

Boric Acid kept popping up as the weapon of choice.

In my recent searches online, the greatest success in the battle with bugs, involved boric acid in some component. My tried and true, until now, roach bait has boric acid in it. I did spray my base boards in my home with a traditional roach treatment. After a day or two, I began the process of placing boric acid in the home.

Using Boric acid in the 1lb container.

The big box store had 'Roach Away', one of the many, many names of 100% boric acid powder. The dispenser reminds me of the old style mustard bottle, Cut the tip off and apply. The product is harmless to animals and humans. WHEN PROPERLY APPLIED.

The best way to use Boric Acid.

Don't breath the dust, use a bandana over your mouth and nose, or a paper dust filter. Place powder on top of base board and on floor near base board. Then use a 2 inch wide dry paint brush to sweep it in to the gaps and crevices. Leave no powder on the floor, or where humans or animals can contact it. Many applications of small amounts, swept into crevices around every room in your home is the way you begin. In the bottom of cabinets and shelves, remove dishes, wipe shelf with dry cloth, put the powder around the edges of the shelf on four sides. Then sweep the powder into all the gaps and crevices. Continue until there is no visible powder. Use a slightly damp cloth to remove any residue from where your dishes or can goods sit.

For appliances and furniture.

Squeeze small amounts in several places under all appliances and in area of hot water heater. Under bookcases and freestanding heaters. If you can treat the entire home at one time, you will have the best results with this method.

I treated the entire home over several days.

After treatment, I was seeing powder dusted roaches running all over. They moved away from the dust into the room. We stomped or swatted all we could get to. After awhile we were seeing deformed wings and misshapen bodies of roaches moving very slowly across surfaces. We killed as many as we could reach. After 7 days the roaches became fewer day by day.

We had several species of roaches.

Several types of bugs were noted, as least three kinds. One kind I had never seen in my years of living in rental houses. I feel they had built resistance to insecticides, and the insecticides that are earth friendly did not help very much.

Gone and good riddance!

No more roaches to be seen after 30 days. I will renew my boric acid if they come back, and they will come back. The product is only a few dollars, the application, when done right, takes a good amount of time.

Places to apply for best results.

ALL base boards.

Under all appliances.

Under any source of heat.

Bottom shelves of ALL bookcases, and cabinets.

Behind light switches, and behind all electrical outlets.

Fix all leaks, to deny roaches water.

Using piles of boric acid is not effective, the roaches will avoid the powder.

Use a fairly light dusting when using under appliances and large furniture.

Avoid contaminating food preparation surfaces.

If you have an existing hole in drywall, or a void you have from repairing something in the wall, put a bit of boric acid into it before repairs are done.

Roaches really do spread disease.

They have a vomiting reflex, causing bacteria to end up on dishes and on food preparation surfaces. The feces looks similar to pepper or black fine cornmeal, it becomes airborne and contributes to asthma and aggravates respiratory illnesses. When they walk across filth, they walk on your dishes, spreading bacteria and more.

Always, Always, Always.

Follow manufacturer's instructions when using any pest control product. improper use will result in injury and health issues.

Please note that a less than perfectly kept home does not mean you will have roaches.

We have clutter, and animals, along with extra items. We are less than perfect housekeepers, sometimes dishes wait until morning. We had zero roaches in our last home. However in our current home we have a major problem with roaches. We can help get rid of them easier by keeping trash out of the house, not leaving dishes overnight, and reducing extra items in the home.


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