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Rock Garden

Updated on October 29, 2016

Rocks for the Garden

I have been a rock and mineral collector for most of my life.Now I am an avid field collector.Many times I have brought home more rocks then I have room for and many of them are what we rockhounds call leaverites.Leaverites are rocks we should have left right where we found them!But we somehow can not resist taking them home,only to find they are not good enough for the collection.This leads to a lot of rocks being here and there about the house,garage,shed,on the porch,in the yard ect....Well at some point most of us who are rockhounds end up with a rock garden made of rocks which are nice but just not good enough for the collection.This is how I started my own rock garden.Now when I am out in the field I often collect rocks specifically for my rock garden or for some else I know who has a rock garden.

Some of the best rocks are just white colored quartz or calcite.Seems like people just enjoy the white color.During the 1990's when a dam was being constructed on a local river many large white pieces of calcite came out of the blasting area.I brought a few pieces home one day and put them in the rock garden.I soon had friends and neighbors asking me for a piece or where they could get some.I also have a nice piece of pink/purple hexagonite in the rock garden.It has been there for about 9 years now.So many people have asked about it,many have asked to buy it.Some have even threaten to steal it when I was not at home.I can not part with it as it is so beautiful to me.Another popular rock is the green fluorite which I collect at an old fluorite mine.This is another rock that others always want an ask about.I have given away many pieces of the green fluorite.

Big mica sheet.Kids like to peel this apart and look through the sheets.
Big mica sheet.Kids like to peel this apart and look through the sheets.

Favorite for the Children

Kids are always stopping by to get a piece of this or that.Sometimes they ask about how I got the rocks,where ect...I am sure i have started many of them on a life time adventure of rockhounding.

All in all my rock garden has been a joy to me and many others.It is just as pretty as the flower garden I used to grow.And it takes much less time to care for.


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I also collect rocks and have added them to our garden. Some are souvenirs from various trips we have taken.