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Roller Blinds 5 Great Reasons to Buy

Updated on January 27, 2014

Every home has its own unique character which is enhanced by its choice of furnishings. An integral part of this would be the choice of window dressings people decide to use. So whether you have a chic city apartment or a rustic country home roller blinds dublin are a great choice because not only are they affordable and easy to use but they come in such a vast range of choices they really can suit any home.

For example lace roller blinds are great for a bedroom. They obscure enough of the outside to maintain your privacy whilst letting in enough light to keep the room luminescent. Lace is also great for matching with bedclothes and linen so would complete the look of a well-designed room.

So here's 5 great reasons why I think you should buy roller blinds!

1) Great Energy Savers –

Roller blinds are great at keeping sunlight out on extremely hot days meaning you can reduce the amount of air con and fans you use to keep rooms cool. Alternatively they’re also great in winter – especially for homes that don’t have double glazed windows (yes, there’s still a few around!)

You could get some initial advice from a local handyman before making any expensive adjustments.

The materials roller blinds are made from are also becoming increasingly sophisticated - and its not just for keeping heat in either. A lot of churches for example are using roller blinds on top windows to keep the rays of the searing sun out. The material still lets the light in (to a certain degree) but keeps the heat out which then means less money has to be spent on cooling the building down.

2) Inexpensive –

Readymade roller blinds can be quite inexpensive and can easily be fitted by a handyman (or even a handywoman!). Of course you can decide to plump for custom designed blinds that are fitted b experts, and if you have the budget then this is the way to go. But the point is – you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get your desired effect!

Simple and Neat –

Roller blinds are simple to use and can be operated by young and old with consummate ease. And because they’re so flat and smooth they keep the room looking neat and tidy. So if you like to keep your interior in a sort of “minimalist” way then roller blinds will be right up your street.

Easy to maintain –

Roller blinds don’t have to be removed from their fixings to be cleaned. They can simply be rolled down fully and then vacuumed or dusted down and then wiped gently with a damp cloth. Just ensure the cloth you’re using is spotless – especially on white roller blinds!!

As funky as you like! -

Roller Blinds can be as plain as the day or as colourful and funky as you want. The only thing that limits the design of a roller blind is the imagination of the person making it. It's als a cheap and affordable way of expressing yourself - especially if you're a newly qualified designer trying to impress your friends - you could always jazz up your flat or apartment with your own designs. You could get then get your designs printed up onto your roller blinds and then get them printed and hung by a specialist roller blind company.

This will obviously cost a bit more than the normal run of the mill roller blinds that you'd buy in the shops but for the actual effect - it would definitely be worth it.

So if you’re feeling a little daring have a look for some funky designers who are pushing the boundaries of roller blind design, and go for it!

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    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 6 years ago from East Coast

      This was a great hub because I remember these window treatments at my dad's house. He was definitely old school, but thanks to your hub, I see so many new twists. Thanks.

    • valeriebaby profile image

      valeriebaby 6 years ago from Galway

      Really love the blinds in the pictures! They're definitely a lot cleaner and neater than just normal curtains :)