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Window Shades Can be Costly

Updated on November 12, 2012

37 Windows to Dress

Well after replacing all 37 windows and a few doors I am left with another big hole in my budget. I have been searching for the right look for he best price. If money were no object I would use double sided, roman shades just because I love the soft folds and choices of georgeous fabric. It is a look that in my opinion be dressy or casual depending on the fabric you choose. As a designer, I have always sought even for clients the best look, price and style. I would never sacrifice a look especially when you have to live with the look for at least 10 years. So careful planning is needed.

For myself I always have a hard time. The difficulties arise when i have my husband to consider. He is highly visual and highly affected by his environment. Most men do not care. Most men do not want to be involved. They just want you to pick it and be done. So for me the decision process is tough because he and I differ in our tastes. I am more eclectic and he is very traditional. What he thinks does not match I think is cool,"I do not like everything to match, a little tension, texture and color makes it EXCITING. You know the WOW factor.

Having been in the business I know what things cost. But when you get your own home done, it really can knock you off budget. I have to be realistic. That means finding the best alternative without sacrificing the look, function and quality. The window sample books that are available are confusing when you look at how to measure. The measurements are always best done by the sewing room, installer, draper expert or any DIY store that sells and installs. Unless you have a super handy husband and all your windows are exactly the same size, I would definitely rely on the installer. They do this daily and know just by looking at a window, how things will hang.

There are places like JC Penny, Budget Blinds and Specialty window stores as well as Lowes that will come and provide a quote. My suggestions is to get a quote on as many before buying. Remember you have to LOVE the look.

I happen to love the roller blind for my application because I have so many windows. It is important for resale to have the front windows look consistent from the outside looking in. With regard to the interior look, I have more flexibility in that i can use different fabric options with curtain rods, colors, pattern and texture.

As long as you know your measurements as well as what you want, you can also buy curtains and roller blinds online. Sometimes you can get a deal online from Amazon and Overstock. I always, always check Amazon for their latest deals.

Lowes now has their own brand and it actually is pretty nice. They charge a small fee to come out and measure all your windows. They also install all the window treatments. To me that is worth the headache because the window installer can do it in half the time.

There are other name brands like Graber, Levelor and Bali. I would use the brand that best fits your budget and style.

For me to do all my windows I am looking at almost spending a small fortune. This does not even include curtain rods, a valance or cool curtains.You also need to know that when you order any fabric shades that dye lots vary. It is best to get all the windows done at once.

Now when it comes to decorating for the sexes, my husband got involved and he does not like the roller blind because he likes top down /bottom up. This is because he likes sun-light coming in from the top at all times. I like the privacy. Our compromise was that I got the romans with fabric. Both of our choices were costlier. In addition, he wanted strictly cordless which adds to the price tag. I could have just chosen cellular blinds. But for me, those are not as dressy.

These top down/bottom Up are great to allow light in and still provide the privacy
These top down/bottom Up are great to allow light in and still provide the privacy
These are regular Roman shades
These are regular Roman shades


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