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Romance In The Wardrobe

Updated on July 24, 2016

The best

I said sorry

I opened the door and a light fragrance of good cigars flew from the new wardrobe in my bedroom. I bought this wardrobe in an antique shop without a closer inspection, so I was excited to see the inside.

It was divided in two sections - hangers on the right and some shelves on the left. Narrow, black, metallic plates on any of shelves caught my attention. I took a closer look and found that there were written some words on them... hats... collars... gloves... handkerchiefs...

WOW! It was the gentleman's wardrobe!

After careless cleaning up (I liked to keep this light fragrance of good cigars, it reminded me my father) I sprinkled the inside of my lovely wardrobe with a wild strawberries mist to make that fragrance more feminine.

Then I put my thing in and said, "Sorry..." with a smile, when I placed my bras in a shelf that was thought for gentleman's gloves.


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