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Roof Mold Might Not Be The Only Thing Keeping Buyers Away

Updated on March 22, 2011

So you're attempting to sell your house but the offers aren't exactly pouring in by the bucketful. It would be easy to blame the down housing market, and in some respects you'd be justified in doing so. But it's also a possibility that your curb appeal just isn't very good.

You've no doubt already mowed and trimmed the yard. It's also very likely that you've planted a few flowers and put down fresh black mulch in all the beds. But there are many other things you can do that might not have occurred to you just yet.

First of all, you should make a real effort to locate a good roof cleaning service to clean the black roof mold and mildew from your asphalt shingles. More appropriately called roof algae, these ugly stains can often be such an eyesore that they keep a potential buyer from even taking a single step out of the car. It doesn't matter how excellent the rest of your home's exterior appearance, a streaky roof can totally ruin your curb appeal.

Just be sure to hire a roof mold cleaner who is fully insured and educated on the topic. This means that he or she should be using non-pressure methods and relying on chemical cleaning. Power washing a roof can cause serious damage to the shingles, so even if it does succeed in removing the roof mold it will probably remove many granules as well.

Since we're talking about cleaning, have you taken the time to clean your home's vinyl siding and windows? I can tell you that when I'm walking up to someone's front door as a potential homebuyer the last thing I want to come into view is mildew-covered siding or dirty, spotty windows. It should be common sense that any time spent cleaning these surfaces is time well spent, in my opinion.

Taking a pressure washer to your driveway and concrete walkways is another simple way to clean up your home's outdoor appearance. Most people just don't realize how dirty and moldy their concrete surfaces have become. A quality pressure cleaning, though, can really make an enormous difference in bringing it back to life.

Trimming dead limbs from the trees in your yard is often a shrewd move. Many homeowners have a fondness for the trees in their yard, but this shouldn't be a excuse to let them grow out of control. Any low-hanging undergrowth should be cut back so that the entire front of the home can be seen from the curb.

Last but not least, you should consider painting the shutters a brand new color or replacing them completely. I've seen many otherwise great-looking homes that had their curb appeal negated by hideous shutters that were screwy tones of black, green, or red. Keep in mind that they should really compliment the rest of the home's color scheme, not contrast with it.

By implementing even a few of these easy changes in your home's look you could rapidly see much more interest in your house. Remember that potential home buyers want to see something clean and neat when they pull up the driveway. If something ugly or dirty attracts their attention they may decide against your house before even stepping one foot inside the door.


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