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Roof Stain Removal Contractors - What To Look For

Updated on March 22, 2011

Shingle streaking has become a bigger and bigger problem in the United States during the last few decades due to a higher amount of limestone filler in most asphalt shingles. Initially there was very little that homeowners could do to combat the problem, but eventually services arose to address the issue. Today the roof stain removal industry is widespread throughout the South, Midwest, and Northeast portions of the country and looks to be expanding for the foreseeable future. Not all roof cleaning companies are the same, however. Here a few things to look for.

First of all, you should be sure to find a roof stain remover that is fully insured. The bigger the liability insurance policy the better. You’d be shocked to learn how many small service providers there are out there who have absolutely no insurance and are flying on a wing and a prayer. Since we’re talking about your expensive roof you should take this one to heart.

Find a roof cleaning company that comes with credentials. A Better Business Bureau membership is a good start. Checking references is always a good idea. You might also see if they have a profile with Angie’s List. Also, if they have website look for a testimonials page or before and after pictures that can fully demonstrate their competence.

One very important thing to look for is a roof cleaning contractor that uses non-pressure roof stain removal methods. If he knows what he’s doing he should be aware that chemical roof cleaning is vastly superior to high-pressure roof cleaning. In fact, if you see a roof cleaner pull a power washer off his truck or trailer in preparation then you should seriously consider canceling the cleaning and calling someone else. Power washing a roof is bad news, friends! If 3000 PSI can slice through skin, wood, and paint then what on earth makes you think it will be safe for your fragile shingles? Anybody that uses a power washer for roof cleaning simply hasn’t done the work to educate themselves on the proper way to clean roof stains.

One final way to determine the quality of a roof cleaning professional is to ask whether he or she does the work full or part time. Is this just a “side business” that they don’t take very seriously or is it a full-time pursuit that they have fully invested themselves in? I shouldn’t have to tell you which of these two folks will most likely do a better job cleaning up your roof. Roof cleaning can go horribly wrong if performed by inexperienced people so you’d be wise to go with the guy that has a few years under his belt and makes a full-time living out of it.

Those are just a few suggestions for finding a roof stain removal contractor who will do a good job. In general, just use some common sense. Give your most serious consideration to those who take their business the most seriously.

Now as for the business of actually finding a good roof cleaner there are a number of options available to you.  Of course you could go the traditional route of looking in the phone book.  You might also do a search online for local companies.  Any company websites that come up near the top of the results demonstrate local businesses that take themselves seriously enough to have a professional website.  Then you can see if they have a rating with your local BBB or at  Finally, you could always ask for a few references to verify that you've discovered a roof stain removal contractor who truly does good work.


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      The Roof Cleaners LLC 8 years ago

      This is excellent roof cleaning information! The other thing that Pennsylvania roof cleaning customers or customers in any other state need to ask their potential roof cleaning contractor is, "What kind of chemicals do you use?". If they are vague or do not reference the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association technical bulletin, then you should keep shopping for another company. There is only one combination of chemicals approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association to clean without damaging shingles and voiding any shingle warranties! If the company has to use any type of pressure, even low pressure, to clean your shingles then you should pass on their services! Safe roof cleaning consists of Non Pressure chemical roof cleaning!

      If you are looking for a competant roof cleaning company and live in the PA DE or MD area, give my non pressure roof cleaning company a call! If you live outside of these areas, you can still give me a call and I will help you locate a competent roof cleaning company in your area!