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Roofing Maintenance: How to Prevent Roof Leaks

Updated on April 13, 2017
Leaking roof.
Leaking roof.


Do you know that the number one roofing problem most homeowners contact their roofing contractor for is leakages? Yes, you read that right. This is the usual scenario right after weather disturbances like storm or snow happens. Surprisingly, what the contractors found out is that many of these leaks could have not occurred if the property owners themselves religiously complied with regular roofing maintenance.

On the other side, there are leaks that aren’t visible to anyone’s eyes except those of the expert roofers in our locality. And this is where homeowners badly needs their help. Professional and experienced roofers will act like detectors for a while to discover even the most hard to find leakages in your house. They can trace where the water comes from and where it goes, in and out of your roofing system.

Here are a few house roofing maintenance tips and tricks.

Unnatural Water Flow

Whenever there is leak, the water flow on your roof is affected. It will not flow as smoothly and quickly as before because water absorption happens along the path, obstructing the natural process of anything that goes above it. Sometimes, it is as easy as spotting water bubbles on top, but there are times when it’s difficult to spot the difference.

In order to know the leakage source, check out your chimneys first. Look at the cricket for water penetrations. If it’s not correctly step and counter flashed, then it is the source of the leak.

Another part to check is the skylight because it traps water when it is malfunctioning. If it needs flashing, then repair it as soon as possible. How about the plumbing vents of your house? If it has cracked rubberized stacks, then it is time to seal it.

Non-Functioning Drip Edge

Drip edges are actually placed in roofs not just to add style, but to make sure that when it rains or when it snows, liquids and particles do not affect the fascia. Essentially, it guides the water or ice out or away from the roofing structure. If the drip edge is malfunctioning, the leakage can be traced at the eaves; this actually causes the wood to rot.

In addition, dripping edge prevent insects and critters from crawling towards the inner part of your house. So check out those dripping edges quick before it’s too late.

Absence of Step Flashing

There are areas in your roof where step flashing installation might be necessary such as the dormers, transitions from the roof to the wall, and areas where cheap seals has been applied previously. It is possible that the leakage source could either be here if step flashing is not installed.

Neglected Attic

Whenever homeowners experience roofing problem, most of them readily associate it with their roofing system. What they failed to consider is that at times, it can be attributed to poor ventilation, air conditioning and even insect infestation of their attic.

But how do you know? Check out for mold stains on the plywood. If it rains, the attic experiences soaked insulation. There are rusted nails, which means moisture absorption. Improper ventilation is also a sign.


To avoid leak problems, the national association of roofing contractors in the US highly recommends that homeowners get a comprehensive roofing maintenance plan from licensed and insured professionals such as the best roofing contractors in Ann Arbor.


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