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Room Dividers That Fit Your Clothing Boutique Decor

Updated on August 26, 2012
Double sided mannequin room divider in three or four panels
Double sided mannequin room divider in three or four panels | Source

The Mannequin privacy screen enhances the decor of your boutique

Many boutique clothing stores are small and have limited space. This can be a big problem when you have inventory and other items that are not displayed on the showroom floor yet. Many stores do not have extra storage space in a basement. This can cause many issues when it comes to hiding clutter. In many boutiques, there usually is only one changing room. This means if there happens to be a few customers in the store at the same time, they have to wait to their turn. As a business owner, you want them to get in and get out and make that purchase.

The double sided art print Mannequin room divider screen is the cutest thing ever. The theme of the screen would fit the decor of almost any women's clothing store. The screen measures 6ft tall and is available in 3 and 4 panels. It is highly recommended to get a 4 panel room divider because they tend to be more stable and actually create privacy. A three panel divider will define a space but does not have enough coverage to really conceal a section of a room.

This room screen has two printed images front and back of a colorful French cabaret poster and a unique Parisian catalog rendering. The colors of the mannequin side are neutral and blend in with most decors. The other side is a vibrant red which adds a bit of feminine touch. These room dividers can also be placed in store windows as backdrops for displays.

The price on these art print room dividers starts at $129, which make them surprisingly affordable. I have known some people to mount these screens to the wall to have as beautiful wall murals. Because the average person does not usually see these recognizable images enlarged to such scale, they tend to look more expensive than they are.

There are over 150 different screens to choose from. Retail stores and restaurants can really benefit from using these room screens because it helps customers to remember the place and ads branding to their location.

Privacy Screens

What theme best describes your business?

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