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Rooster Kitchen Decor Under $25

Updated on June 11, 2013
This anti-fatigue mat is stain proof, fade resistant, and oh so comfy to stand on. Pretty, too.
This anti-fatigue mat is stain proof, fade resistant, and oh so comfy to stand on. Pretty, too. | Source

There's just something about rooster kitchen decor that gets me crowing! And smiling, too. I'm not the only one, either, roosters are a popular element to a lot of kitchens. They're prominent in country and French country decorating. Especially for kitchens. They're happy, sunny and just make you smile.

My first rooster was a blue-sponged cookie jar, a house warming gift from my Grandma Norma. That guy was joined by a few others. A small framed card, a couple of roosters as vases and my prize craved wood fowl. Then something happened... a cow joined us... and more cows and a few sheep. Suddenly, my kitchen was more like an overstocked barnyard then that happy chicken coop.

I miss my rooster kitchen decor, but fortunately with a little editing and a few new pieces, I can get it back without spending a fortune. Anyone who knows me, will tell you I'm financially challenged... in other words, I'm cheap. I just don't believe you have to spend a fortune to decorate. And that's the theory behind my "25 for Under $25" decorating Hubs. Decorating doesn't have to be expensive. Under $25 seems to be are reasonable price point... and I've found wonder rooster kitchen decor at Amazon. I've added a couple of my favorite pieces down below. You ought to be able to find yourself a handsome bird, too... or is that or two!. Enjoy!

Red Rooster Kitchen Decor @ Amazon
Red Rooster Kitchen Decor @ Amazon

I really like the look of this cook book holder for two reason... the rooster and the red! It's so eye catching and appealing. The ball will hold open even a heavy cook book, but even without a cook book, it looks terrific And it's under $25, too.

The Iron Cookbook Holder (with Rooster & in Red) can be purchased from Amazon

Buy Rooster Kitchen Decor for the Counter

Hey, lady, there's a rooster on your kitchen counter!

Actually, countertops are a perfect place for roosters... especially if they're red. And I'm very partial to red cast iron right now. I don't know if it's the red, the roosters or the combination. On my stroll through the virtual Amazon aisles, I found quite a lot of red iron roosters for the kitchen. Besides the very attractive cookbook stand to your right, I found paper towel holders, napkin holders, trivets, spoon rests and even key racks.

Red and roosters just seem to go together. If not all right, then spots of red. They make the rooster look so elegant, whether he's on a rooster cookie jar or on a soap test. Red is one of those colors that's becoming more of a neutral and goes with everything. And it will especially go with whatever other brightly colored roosters on the counter.

I also love the classy look of of a rooster on soap dispensers. A lot of them that I've seen have taken on a French Country influence.I like it... a lot! Another place you'll find roosters on the counter is on a cutting board. As a matter of fact, just about any accessory you use on you kitchen counters can be found with a rooster on it.

Buy Rooster Kitchen Decor for the Table

The thing with a rooster collection is that it starts to multiple pretty quickly. You start with one and before you know it... you got yourself a whole flock. But there's always a place to put another one, right, like a kitchen or dining room table, a side table, an entry hall table, a buffet table... well you get the picture.

Table clothes and napkins are a perfect place to add a touch of rooster kitchen decor. But why not go for something big. Rooster statuettes make a real statement when used as a table centerpiece. Although some of them can be pretty pricey, it is possible to find some great buys. The majority are very natural looking -- and beautiful. But if you style is a little funky... or folk arty, you can find a rooster to work. And under $25.

with Rooster.

There's a table full of rooster kitchen decor, so don't miss out.

Buy Rooster Kitchen Decor for the Wall

What a rooster kitchen decor without some birds on the wall? Art with roosters is one of the easiest pieces to find... and best it, it can really set the ton for you kitchen. Like my friend over here on the right, it can define if you kitchen is a little bit country (or French Country) or if you Funky!

When you use wall art, make sure to keep a couple things in mind:

  1. Pull out the colors in the wall art and use them throughout your kitchen. That' pretty light blue in the background, might make the perfect wall color and backdrop for your rooster collection.
  2. Unless you're after an eclectic collection of roosters (some of us are), you might want to keep the roosters in a similar style. I'm not talking matchy-matchy here, but similar just might avoid a clash of roosters!
  3. Most importantly, make sure to put your rooster collectibles to use. If they have a utilitarian value, like a dish or a vase, then use them. And with the pieces that are just... pretty... well, enjoy them. That what Roosters Kitchen Decor under $25 is all about.

Thanks for stopping by!

Photo courtesy of Philip MacKenzie  @
Photo courtesy of Philip MacKenzie @

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Katherine Koch (aka Netlexis) is a freelance writer providing copywriting services online and offline. When she's not writing for clients, she enjoys creating hubs here at HubPages, as well as for her own sites and at Squidoo.

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    • profile image

      cindy k 2 years ago

      Can you tell me where you got the drying rack? Thanks.

    • profile image

      Janie 3 years ago

      Love you rooster dish drying rack. I can't find one anywhere. Please tell me where I can purchase one.

    • netlexis profile image

      Katherine Koch 7 years ago from Southern California

      Thanks, Angela, the rooster really lends itself to folk art. I'm also surprised as I look back at this that so many of the rooster piece are French Country, too.

    • angelaglancy profile image

      angelaglancy 7 years ago from Seattle

      You've got some really fun folk art pieces here. Actually a rooster is a perfect addition to just about any country kitchen. Thanks for all of the great ideas.