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Rose Bedspread

Updated on March 16, 2011

A Rose Bedspread for the Bedroom

A rose bedspread can add a whimsical and feminine touch to any bedroom. Depending on how you decorate and the pattern of the new rose bedspread you choose, a rose bedspread will add a very soft touch to any bedroom from the most traditional to even the most contemporary.

Quite often, people are afraid to have a rose bedspread or rose bedding in fear of having a very mature feel to their room. While there are very old-fashioned Victorian style rose bedspreads and very country style rose bedspreads, there are also some very fashionable and very beautiful rose bedspreads. You just need to find one you love.

Your best bet is to look online at sites like or eBay to find a rose bedspread that is right for your tastes. The rose patterns and colors of rose bedspreads available are nearly endless. From the most simple to the most vibrantly decorated, there is sure to be a rose bedspread you will cherish for years to come.

Choosing Rose Bedspread

Rose bedspreads come in everything from very feminine pinks and soft warm hues of yellow, to bold and luxurious shades of peaches or burgundy. Whether you are going for a very busy Victorian look or are trying to stick with something clean and sleek, online will be your best bet for finding a rose bedspread for any bedroom in your home.

For a girl's bedroom, look for very feminine and light rose bedspreads. While a rose bedspread will keep her comfortable throughout most of the year, it will grow too cold in the winter, so an additional blanket may be needed if it's for year-round usage.

For your bedroom or a spare bedroom, find a rose bedspread in colors that you can live with for more than a few days. More importantly, find a pattern rose bedspread that you and your significant other can both live with without regretting your purchase each night.

While a rose bedspread can add that soft and subtle beauty to your bedroom, it can also easily transform your bedroom into something completely unexpected - something that you just didn't want and didn't plan on.

In other words, be very careful with how you decorate with your rose bedspread. While rose wallpaper and rose patterned accessories can look absolutely lovely in the right home with the right rose bedspread, for many homes, this would just be too overwhelming.

If you're looking just for a simple feminine tone in your bedroom, adding a rose bedspread with a solid bedskirt could be just what you need. No frills or laces anywhere else, unless you are looking to completely feminize or Victorian-ize your bedroom. It can really be as simple as that.

Rose Bedspread

Rose bedspread
Rose bedspread


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