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Roses for Love of God and My Love Lost

Updated on September 5, 2014
Our Rock Garden
Our Rock Garden

When the love of my life and I moved into our new home the rock garden pictured above was a fenced in lot with nothing but hip high weeds in it. We moved into our home in August so it was not a good project for that year. We did take down the fence and started to pull out the weeds by the handfuls. I am being literal when I say handfuls because that's how I did it, one handful at a time into a garbage bag. Hard work is rewarded and I know God was watching as we took on the project of beautifying our side garden.

It took a few years to get it where I wanted it and after I had it all cleared, my husband and I laid down black plastic to keep the weeds from getting a toehold again. It was long before we found out that my husband had cancer but we continued with our labor of love and soon a truck backed into the little alley with river stones. I was astounded that they just updumped the whole load into the middle of the alley and it was up to us to get it off the alley and into the garden. Shovelful by shovelful, I worked on that mess the whole day. At one point my suffering husband took up the shovel and tried his hardest to help. We had gotten about three-fourths of the load into the side alley around supper time and then our grown sons showed up after work to finish the job and level out the load. My son the carpenter came and put in the side rails the next Spring. He also built the pedestal that the Madonna statue sits on.

When we first did the rock garden we put up a black trellis near the front with the Madonna on a brick pad under it and planted Clemantis to grow up both sides of the trellis. The clemantis only grew two summers and then it died first on one side and then on the other but I used the trellis for my Christmas display with the Holy Family lighted underneath the lights that lined the trellis.

My son had bought us a silver bird bath and we set it up in the middle of the garden.

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Golden RosesOpen RoseRose Beauty
Golden Roses
Golden Roses
Open Rose
Open Rose
Rose Beauty
Rose Beauty

Golden Rose Bush

Then the Spring came in which I lost my special friend and companion. It was the day before Mother's Day and I arrived home from the hospital to find my final gift from my loving husband, FLOWERS. That year, I found five rose bushes that were going to be trashed at Home Depot and brought them home.

If you have read any of my other hubs you know that I have a devotion to St. Therese and that her specialty is to spread roses throughout the world to those who need her help.

My son planted the bushes for me. I bought these roses because of their beauty and the golden color starts out with a beautiful dark orange tint on the edge of the petals.

To my surprise all of the roses are of the long-stemmed variety and remind so much of the roses my husband would bring me from the florist he delivered for after he retired from driving buses.

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Pink Blush Bud
Pink Blush Bud
Pink Blush Bud

Pink Blush Roses

The Other two bushes are Pink Blush Roses and they have become one of my favorites. They also are long stemmed but because I had these two bushes planted so close to the house they don't grow as tall as the Golden Rose variety.

What is so remarkable about these roses and the Golden ones is that they are very large when they open up. The flower itself it about the size of my fist when they are opened all the way.

Rock Garden Upgrades

My Rock Garden still exists but I've taken down the trellis and I now put a potted plant on the brick pedestal. Last year I had a new furnace installed with whole house air conditioning so my rock garden has been defaced so to speak with the condenser sitting between the first of my pink blush rose bushes and behind the golden rose bush. I hate the detraction but as long as my roses continue to grow I will deal with the imperfection. I have added a patio deck where the back porch once sat so I can sit out now and enjoy the beauty of our labors.


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  • bearnmom profile imageAUTHOR

    Laura L Scotty 

    6 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Thank you, Samantha, for your kindness.

  • Samantha Gold profile image

    Samantha Gold 

    6 years ago

    I am sorry to hear of the lose of your husband. You were one lucky woman, though. I hope your garden grows as the love in your heart does. God bless you.

  • bearnmom profile imageAUTHOR

    Laura L Scotty 

    6 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Thank you, Debbie, for your kind words and thoughts. I look forward to reading your hub when you write it.

  • debbiepinkston profile image

    Debbie Pinkston 

    6 years ago from Pereira, Colombia and NW Arkansas

    I love roses also and I always enjoy hearing about other's gardening endeavors. I'm sorry about your loss, but glad you have memories of you working side by side with him to beautify your home and garden.

    I will write a hub someday about my little garden, rock pathway, and fountain. All my best to you and Happy Gardening!


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