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Round Mirror: Classic Style, Perfect Shape!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Customize Your Own Round Mirror

One of the easiest ways to transform the décor of any room is to decorate with a round mirror. A round mirror can be placed on the wall by itself or can be used as part of a décor theme. While there are many style options available when it comes to mirrors, one way to create your own personal style is to decorate the round mirror yourself.

Personalize A Round Mirror With Decals

There are many different decals that you can use to decorate a round mirror. You can choose some that are practical, playful, colorful or funky. A good choice would be frosted decals that follow the curve of the mirror yet do not cover the entire mirror. For a child's room, where functionality is not as important, use large, colorful decals.

Modern design makes for a stunning round mirror
Modern design makes for a stunning round mirror

There are a variety of application options for decals. One of the simplest to use when decorating your round mirror, are the peel and stick type. Remove the paper backing and apply in the desired location on the mirror. Use a paper towel to smooth out any bubbles without smearing or wrinkling the decal. Apply the rest of the design before hanging your round mirror on the wall.

Choose the location for your mirror carefully. Once you've decide on a spot, trace the outline of the mirror on the wall with a light pencil. This allows you to add any accompanying décor items before hanging the round mirror.

Add your wall decals. Placing them around the outline of the round mirror give the impression that the mirror is framed. If you're applying words to the wall, center them below and above the mirror for a symmetrical look. Another idea is to use flowers around part of the curve or in a circular pattern.

With built in stag horns, this is the perfect man cave mirror
With built in stag horns, this is the perfect man cave mirror

The Perfect Round Mirror

The lovely round shape is a classic and fits perfectly into the design of a charming bathroom mirror, a delightful wall mirror, or an eye-catching full length mirror. a glamorous full-length mirror, superb vanity mirrors, a glorious floor mirror, a resplendent antique mirror, a splendid make up mirror, or a sublime compact mirror. Why not consider that size matters, and go for an elegant large mirror, or several massive large mirrors?

The beauty of a round framed mirror finds its perfect expression in a perfect, round mirror frame. When selecting a large round mirror, you can opt for a round wood mirror, small round mirror, round beveled mirror, round decorative mirror, wooden round mirror, round bathroom mirror, gold round mirror, round mirror tiles, or any of the myriad other types of round mirror.

Ornate and intricate, this mirror is a real jewel
Ornate and intricate, this mirror is a real jewel

Hanging The Round Mirror

 When you're ready to hang your personalized round mirror, remember that a simple picture hanging kit can be purchased if your mirror did not come with its own mounting bracket. Enjoy your mirror!

A Lovely Fleur-de-Lis Round Mirror

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