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Round Vinyl Tablecloths::fitted and elasticized tablecloths

Updated on May 29, 2012

Round vinyl tablecloths are a available no matter the size of your round table. The advantages of using vinyl tablecloths is that they are easy to clean, and help protect the wood underneath if you have good dining table that you want to keep in a good condition, while getting the maximum use out of.

I have used vinyl tablecloths many times, and they are idea for families, especially when you have young children in the household who are liable to spill practically everything they have on their plates as well as in their cups.

Round vinyl tablecloths can also be used on square or rectangular tables. Simply wipe when down to clean them. Make sure they are dry and put back on the table for the next meal. Every home should have one, and this allows you to keep your good tablecloths stain-free for when you have visitors round.

Now this is a great idea! The Fitted Tablecloths - Round Elasticized Tablecloth are vinyl, wipe clean, and fitted to the tablespoon by an elasticized edging, just like a fitted bed sheet.

Not only will this keep your tabletop undamaged, but you will be able to watch if your child is kicking the dog underneath the table, or even worse, slipping it food.

Simply wipes clean and comes in a choice of attractive designs and colors.

The Vera Flower Carpet 70-Inch Umbrella Round, Multi is made of vinyl and is also a simple wipe-clean affair.

Featuring an attractive pattern and coloring, a whole range of matching accessories are available including napkins, runners, placemats and aprons in the same pattern.

I don't think the Galaxy Heavyweight Vinyl Tablecloth is attractive to look at, but it is made from a heavyweight material and so it is built to last.

Ideal for people whose tables get heavy use. Can also be used underneath a good tablecloth to protect the table surface in case of spillages.

This vinyl tablecloth has a cloth backing, and will not slide off the table.

Vinyl Clear Plastic Tablecloths are affordable and will keep your tabletop dry.

Use on its own, or with a proper tablecloth to protect your table.

Simply wipe clean.

The New Crochet Round Vinyl Lace Tablecloth looks lovely.

However, they are not of fantastic quality and can rip easily.

That said, they are ideal if you are having a function and want the tables to look nice.

Just don't expect them to last for long unless you handle with ultra-special care.

New Crochet Round Vinyl Lace Tablecloth
New Crochet Round Vinyl Lace Tablecloth


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    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 7 years ago from UK

      Thanks! I agree that tablecloth looks great and at a throwaway price :)

    • Maria Harris profile image

      Maria Harris 7 years ago from Houston

      Love crochet tablecloths. They create such an elegant and stylish look. Great hub.