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Rowenta Steam Iron

Updated on May 25, 2010

Rowenta Steam Irons- It's the Steam

Rowenta Steam Irons are the best in the business. You can lean on Rowenta for all your ironing needs. From the iron board to the garment steamer, Rowenta leads the way. For around $150 you can get all those wrinkles out of your clothes and make your clothes look smooth, just like you picked them up from a dry cleaner.

Rowentas Steam Irons steam both vertically and horizontally for a balanced ironing approach. This makes them ideal for many kinds of fabrics. You can do mroe than just your clothes with a Rowenta. Any kind of fabric, quilt, or clothing that you want to iron. Rowentas heat up in a nice, uniform fashion and so do a great job on hard to get areas on clothing, like the button area of the shirt. They even work on wedding dresses and those hard-to-iron garments. It's all about the steam, really.
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Travel with the Rowenta Steam Iron

 If you want to look sharp even when you are traveling, then bring along your Rowenta Steam Iron. Rowenta also has special models to suit the traveler, but it is hard to beat the Steam Iron they make. It doesn't take up all that much room, and you don't have to worry about durablility. Rowenta uses strong iron and assembles it in Germany, as they have been for half a century. So there is no reason to worry about how it will handle the trip.

Who is Jorge Ramon?

 Jorge Ramon is a celebrity stylist. He started out as a fashion editor at Teen People, and currently hosts a couple of fashion shows on TLC. If you watch him on I’ve Got Nothing To Wear and 10 Years Younger, you will know that Jorge believes everybody can look like a celebrity if only they wear the right things and take care of their clothes. One way Jorge takes care of his clothes is by using the Rowenta Steam Iron.

Jorge Ramon Teaches Ironing


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