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Royal Blue Bedding

Updated on October 2, 2010

Deciding to Decorate with Royal Blue Bedding

Making the decision to renovate your bedroom is always an easy one, but choosing the right bedding for your room can be more difficult. Choosing a color or patterned bedding you like can be an easy place to start, like picking royal blue bedding.

A royal blue comforter or royal blue duvet cover are not always just royal blue. In fact, royal blue bedding often incorporates different colors within the pattern, most often I have seen white or other shads of blue. You can sometime find great contrasts in the royal blue bedding colors like royal blue with bright orange or royal blue with lime green, but these can often be hard to come by as they sell out quicker than wildfire spreads.

For a great selection of royal blue bedding, including comforters and royal blue duvet covers, try looking online. I often check online stores like Amazon or eBay because they seem to have a great variety of brand name and designer bedding for a lot less than I would ever pay in stores. Visit or eBay right now to see what they currently have in their stock for royal blue bedding. Sometimes you may just have to search for blue bedding and not royal blue for the best range of results. It's important to remember that online, royal blue colors may look completely different than they appear in person, and also, that different bedding designers have their own ideas of royal blue. Buy whatever color royal blue bedding you like best.

After deciding that you want royal blue bedding, you can now move onto what color you want to paint your walls. This is an easier decision if you are matching the royal blue bedding to the walls, but a harder one if you're matching the walls to the royal blue bedding. This is when taking a look at the color wheel and using artists' techniques for painting can really come in handy.

Royal Blue Bedding
Royal Blue Bedding

Decorating to Compliment Your Royal Blue Bedding

For some great color ideas to coordinate with your royal blue bedding, start thinking like an artist.

  • Think monochromatic. This means taking either the color of your royal blue bedding or a lighter shade or darker shade of the same royal blue. You could also use white. Monochromatic color themes mean that only one color, say royal blue, is used plus white. It could also mean a darker shade if the royal blue is lighter. If you don't know what color blues are lighter, try going to a paint store or Home Depot and picking up a paint color card where one of the blues matches your royal blue duvet cover or royal blue comforter, then choosing a different blue shade from that same card.
  • Think complementary. We all know the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue, but many do not know their complements or the color opposite them on the color wheel. For royal blue bedding, you would choose a pure orange shade. Although this sounds funny, it's actually really beautiful. If you're too afraid, try some orange accents instead with a neutral wall like beige or the monochromatic color theme.
  • Try analogous colors on the walls. These are the colors that sit beside blue on the color wheel. It could either be blue-violet or blue-green. You could even use both; one on the walls, and the other in accents. A royal blue comforter would look great with yellow-green or green walls, but royal blue bedding could also look great with violet walls.
  • Use the split-complementary. This would be using the colors that sit opposite of orange, which would be the complementary of your royal blue bedding. This means using both or either red-orange or yellow-orange with your royal blue duvet cover or royal blue comforter
  • Triadic is often the most difficult to accomplish in color design. This entails the use of red, yellow, and blue to decorate, but use each in its purest color form. It is often hard not to go too orange with the red or too violet, as well as sticking to pure yellow and not yellow-orange or yellow-green when trying to do the triadic color design with royal blue bedding.

If you're not sold on any of these ideas, then try sticking to a very neutral shade on the wall like beige or taupe, then trying out one of the above mentioned color structures for your decorating accents. It will make you look like a genuine interior designer, and your room will be the envy of all who see it. Who knows what people you know will be off getting themselves a royal blue comforter or royal blue duvet for their bedroom.


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