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Royal Empress Tree

Updated on May 25, 2016

Royal Empress Tree

Royal Empress Tree
Royal Empress Tree | Source

Royal Empress Tree

Royal Empress tree is one of the most beautiful and loving trees. Their huge, large heart shaped, fuzzy, big leaves are an architectural thrill and excitement. These majestic and miraculous trees are also known as Paulownia trees.

Royal Empress Tree is the fastest growing tree in our nature. They indeed are true plants. Royal Empress Tree is really royal and impressive over other trees. May be that is why this is called and commonly known as Royal Empress Tree. This tree grows almost in any kind of soil and can grow 10 to 15 feet in a year.

World's fastest growing tree

World's fastest growing tree
World's fastest growing tree | Source

Ample flourishing fragrance

This Royal Empress Tree is known widely for its ample flourishing fragrance. Funnel-shaped, tubular, pinkish lavender flowers with yellow stripes and dark purple spots on the inner wall. While glaring at the Royal Empress tree, one falls in the illusion as if we having a cold look at a garden full of green and golden foliage. The tang of flowers of Royal empress tree is highly sophisticated and tending to make think of vanilla. Flowers are comestible and many times are added to salads in many countries. The flowers are followed by elite, woody, oval and descent seed capsules that emerge sticky green and ripen to brown in fall, at which point they split open releasing abundant winged seeds. This native of china gives a most dramatic, coarse-textured appearance, with its huge catalpa-like heart-shaped leaves and large clusters of lavender flowers in the spring.

These trees grow really faster, these trees grow really gradually from the seed, watching them grow is a joy for everyone. It can easily stretch up to 10 to 15 feet in a year. Anyone can fell in love with Royal Empress Tree easily with its intoxicating flowers, the flowers of a Royal Empress Tree smells like lilies.

Flowers of Royal Empress Tree

Pinkish Flowers of Royal Empress Tree
Pinkish Flowers of Royal Empress Tree | Source

Key benefits and features of Royal Empress Tree:

Fragrance and beauty apart, the Royal Empress Tree is also bundled with lots of benefits:

  • The rummage is highly regarded for use as cabinet wood.
  • The leaves of the tree are exceptional for tea.
  • Flowers of Royal empress tree are beautiful, tasty and used as add-ons in salad.
  • Honey bees love these trees. Superb for pollinate and creation of honey.
  • The leaves of the Royal empress tree are filled with 18 to 20 percent of protein with lofty nitrogen.
  • Leaves of the tree are amazing to use as fodder for cattle and other livestock or also as fertilizer.
  • Even if we call these trees with many different names but their proper name is “Paulownia tomentosa”.

Royal Empress Tree

Royal Empress Tree
Royal Empress Tree | Source

One should always be careful while choosing a Royal empress tree, cause there is also a similar tree called Jacaranda trees. Its flowers are very much identical to Royal Empress Tree, but leaves are totally different from the royal one.


History of Royal Empress Tree

The Royal Empress tree is originally native of china. These trees were brought to United States about 160 years ago. Since then, they have been planted in many parts of the country. They are best known in south-eastern and eastern states but not in northern plain states. These trees grow in coastal region.

World's fastest growing tree

These trees grow like a rocket; their growth is measurable on daily basis. One just can’t sit back tight and wait for them to grow.

Many nurseries don’t even give a damn to plant these trees, as they quickly grow out of the potter. Many of the online sites claim them to be “world’s fastest growing hardwood tree”. The royal empress tree is also can be narrated as wonder and amazing tree. This tree normally grows from 10 -15 feet a year, but climate and conditions play a major role in the growth of each and every tree. So, exceptions are always there. But, as acclaimed, if the Royal Empress Tree doesn’t grow 8 to 10 feet in its first year, than you have to cut down right from the ground level. It will surely make roots intense and vigorous. This will make sure for a greater and faster growth in the next year.

It produces flowers in early spring. Their fruit appears as a dry egg-shaped capsule, the fruit is normally 3- 4 cm long. The fruits of the Royal Empress tree have a massive quantity of small seeds. These seeds are easily drifted away by water and also flutter away by wind.

How to grow a Royal Empress Tree

Ways to plant the Royal Empress tree:

A prolonged dry weather is the best time to plant a Royal Empress tree. But we must always keep the tree humid during the spell of first year. Once it is gown up, it can withstand even under the conditions of drought.

The rapid growth rate of the Royal Empress Tree keeps it away from illness and disorders. It also keeps the tree free from all types of germs and viruses.

Royal Empress Tree

Trimming, cropping and caring of Royal Empress Tree:

  • Start with looking vigilant and cautiously at the innermost covering of the tree. You may or say you should use a long ladder for the purpose.
  • Use light trimmer to gently cut the unproductive branches of the tree.
  • Best way to check and differ between dead and alive branches is to check the color of the pulp of the branches. A green pulp means a healthy and active branch, whereas a brown pulp simply means that the branch is dead.
  • Gently cut at the joint of the dead and healthy branches. And torn off the dead branches.
  • During spring weather, chop the Royal Empress tree to the soil level, if it is excessive tall and lofty or injurious. This is a lighting fast growing tree and will grow back to 10 feet within a time span of 1 year.
  • If the thickness of the peak of the tree is looking as a hurdle for circulation of light and air, narrow down the peak of the tree.
  • Chop side branches, where they intersect rising and mounting branches.
  • Avoid trimming and chopping for more than 25 % of the peak, otherwise the tree may go under trauma.
  • An adult Royal Empress tree normally grows to 30 -40 feet height. And can attain a height of 50 feet under adequate circumstances.
  • Life span of the Royal Empress tree is 80-100 years.

Trimming and care of Royal Empress Tree

Trimming and care of Royal Empress Tree
Trimming and care of Royal Empress Tree | Source

Common names of Royal Empress Tree are “Royal Paulownia, Princess Tree, Foxglove Tree, Sapphire Dragon, Kawakami, Kiri Tree, Rattlebox Tree, Sapphire Princess", etc.

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