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Rubber Ducky Bathroom Decor

Updated on October 15, 2010

Rubber Ducky Bathroom Your The One

The classic and fun rubber ducky bathroom decorating inspired by Ernie from Seasame street. Here are a great selection of items you can purchase to get your very own Rubber Ducky bathroom decor. For young and old, decorating with the Rubber Ducky Bathroom decor brings a fun and nostalgic feel to the most popular room in the house.

Here is some of items you can get for your rubber ducky bathroom

Regardless of how you choose to add items to your rubber ducky bathroom decor, keep the type of decor similar. Stay with similar patterns. There are a number of different RD bathroom decor themes available. Mixing and matching may throw off the look.

Rubber Ducky Bathroom
Rubber Ducky Bathroom

Tasteful Not Tacky

Rubber Ducky Bathroom Theme can be mixed and matched with many different rubber ducky products. Watch carefully that yours do not begin to clash. Look for tasteful about tacky.

You can overdue it. My grandma is a huge example of taking a cute bathroom theme decor and turning it into ducky overload. At one point I counted over 100 rubber duckies on the shower curtains, the hand towels, the cupboard decor stickers. There is a suck thing as too much.

A good way to keep the theme going but to not over due it is to bring out the blue, yellow, and orange colors in other ways. Choose towels, paint, and more. But, an entire bathroom painted yellow is a bit much.

Rubber Ducky's Everywhere

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