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Rubbermaid Trash Cans for Indoors and Outdoors

Updated on January 23, 2011

Rubbermaid has offered high-quality trash cans for going nearly 70 years and has become a leading manufacturer in the house wares industry. With a variety of different trash recepticles for residential and commercial use, their indoor and outdoor products have helped simplify the lives of people everyday. As a global marketer and distributor of both consumer and commercial products, Rubbermaid has something for every taste. Review Rubbermaid's vast selection of indoor, outdoor, and utility waste containers and find an affordable trash can that will suit your specific needs.

Indoor Trash Containers

Listing the wide selection of trash containers offered by Rubbermaid would be practically impossible. With a number of different series' designed to compliment the decorative scheme of any home or office, Rubbermaid offers versatility with affordable pricing in mind. From the standard kitchen WasteMasters, which come with a swing open top in a variety of sizes, to the Atrium Aluminum and Brass Containers, which are more suitable for modern office buildings, Rubbermaid's lineup of indoor trash cans are certainly not always made of rubber. While the prices of each indoor can will vary based on the materials used during construction, the size, and most importantly the source it is purchased from, it is reasonable to say any consumer on any budget will find a can that will work for them.

Outdoor Trash Containers

Just like the indoor lineup of Rubbermaid trash cans, there is a plethora of options when it comes to outdoor applications as well. While they do offer the standard heavy-duty Ranger series for consumers, Rubbermaid has a number of specialty series for commercial applications as well. From the elegant-looking avenue series including ashtrays and a sleek design, to the Homeland Security series with see-through glass walls, there is something for anyone and everyone. While designer series will cost more, they will certainly add to your exterior decor.

Utility Waste Containers

Utility waste containers are designed to be placed near desks, in bathrooms, or anywhere you need a small, compact waste receptacle. While the designs of the utility models are typically the same, varying only in the color and size of the specific product, they will vary in costs depending on the source they are purchased from. Constructed of durable plastic materials, these utility waste cans have a long expected life span and will not absorb odors. Easily cleanable, these are the perfect option for in-office waste.


Rubbermaid trash cans are sold both locally in leading retail stores as well as online for less. Find a wholesaler with discounted pricing if you are investing in high priced merchandise, and save money overall with Rubbermaid. With the versatility, quality, durability and overall value that these trash cans offer, you can add style to your interior or exterior space with a designer series style. Browse the Internet and compare pricing to find the best possible value on your Rubbermaid trash can to make your trash application fully functional, practical, affordable and most importantly appealing. Make a wise investment with Rubbermaid.


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