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Rudolph the red nosed reindeer door decor

Updated on November 21, 2016


So you may of already saw the snowman couple and I thought I would share my Reindeer.

Instead of using coffee filters (which they do make brown ones, so you could use them if you wanted) I used brown paper bags. Take the bag and pull the bottom up so that it lays flat. I was able to use a small storage bowl to trace around that fit great on the bag twice.

Cut out all your circles and instead of folding the circle like you did with the snowman, just take a marker and find the middle of the circle, bunch the circle up around the marker, add hot glue to the bottom and stick it on your 12 inch circle of cardboard.

Start on the outer edge of the circle and work in just like on the snowman. Don't forget to add your ribbon on the head first before adding the circles, you can do it after but doing it before just makes life easier.

Once you have the head filled you will want to add the bell. You can buy a single large bell at Jo Ann's I found a pack of 9 smaller ones at the Dollar tree and just added two to him. Hot glue the ribbon holding the bell(s) on the back in line with the ribbon loop that is at the top for hanging him.

Add eyes, again you can buy large ones at Jo Ann's I made some out of white foam and black felt in the video.

Add a large pom-pom (red) for the nose or make one using yarn.

Cut ears and antlers out of brown foam and add pipe cleaners to the back of antlers so they stay up. Stiff felt would work too.

Reindeer Complete!!!

Reindeer in the making- cutting of bags

Head of Reindeer

Adding brown bags

Take 1 of adding bells

Adding the Bells

Reindeer adding nose

Adding eyes

Ears and antlers

Finished Reindeer


Have a Happy Holiday!

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