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*Russian Blue Cat's Advice on Decorating with Cat Art*

Updated on June 19, 2013

Russian Blue cat, Fledermaus, likes to show his feline aesthetics, and he offers his outstanding artistic sense of design on how to decorate with cat art--using cat prints, cat paintings, and cat watercolors, preferably those painted by his mommie, Eve Riser-Roberts. On her website, The Cat Gallery, you can see her art parody of "Famous Artists' Cats", that interprets how the world's great artists might have painted their own cats. The cats are available as archival prints on paper or canvas, and even framed.

Fledermaus loves to decorate with the "Famous Artists' Cats" because they are so beautiful and so funny, he can't stop laughing!

Like "Miro's Cat Encircled by the Flight of a Bird".

"Joan Miro's cat had been trying for some time to catch a little red bird that enjoyed flying tauntingly around her. Miro painted the cat standing on her hind legs, reaching out to try to snare the pesky little bird that always managed to move just a little faster than she could."

This paragraph is printed in the lower left corner, just below the image;
printed from original watercolor on paper;







2. The painting itself should have something mysterious going on in it. The cat should be up to something.....or doing something catlike. But just sitting there and posing is OK, too, if the cat is gorgeous.

1. A picture should have a cat in it, of course, preferably Russian Blue, but other kinds are acceptable.

4. Oh, cat art by other artists is allowed to be used or it could even accompany works from this site. Here are some excellent books that deal with cat art through the ages, even over thousands of years. They may even show cat paintings by the same famous artists that Eve has depicted. That could be fun to have a picture with a cat from a particular artist next to one of the art parodies :-) Oh, yes, like van Gogh's Bad Cat eating his sunflower painting arrangement next to a picture of van Gogh's sunflowers. Hmmm

3. Next, the frame should emphasize the cat. Pick out a frame in a color that enhances the beautiful hues of the cat's coat. Don't be distracted by the other colors in the painting. They are only there to bring out the cat.

Cats' History of Western Art

Impressionist Cats

You know the book,
"Why Cats Paint"?

Well, Eve read it and tried to get me to paint, even rubbing catnip on the paper taped to the garden wall. I may have the art appreciation genes, but I just don't have the artist genes. Looking back, I can see it would have been great to be able to produce works like the cats did in the book, and I'd sign them with my paw. But maybe your cats could create something fantastic. After all, monkeys and elephants can paint and sell their pictures.

Good luck, if you try it, and let me know how it goes :-)

"Why Paint Cats" though, is a different matter.

6. Cat paintings should be hung over every piece of furniture available. That shows your own cat it's all right for it to get up on that furniture. You might as well--it will anyway.

5. Every room should have a focal point. The picture should be hung where it is the center of attention in a room. Cats know where this is. That's why cat paintings are best for this purpose.

7. When you sit at a desk where you spend many hours engaged in serious, demanding work, there should be a cat on the wall to glance up at once in a while and make you smile. You will be happier, healthier, and you will live longer (scientifically proven fact: J. Cat-related Phenomena. 2001. Vol. 1:1-300).





Cats, Cats, Cats-book

9. Speaking of groupings...imagine a grouping of bird pictures and one picture of a cat in the middle.

8. Every sofa should have at least one cat painting over it. A grouping of several cat pictures can also create a very tasteful arrangement. It is even permissible to mix in other subject matter with the cat paintings, such as florals, still lifes, or landscapes. You might even be fortunate to find one of these that also has a cat in it.

10. Don’t be afraid to use humor in your decorating, such as in #9. Let your imagination be free to create an atmosphere that makes you smile or laugh every time you pass by or find yourself in its presence. And a whole house using humor tastefully, corresponding to your own personality would light up your life and be a perfect stress release from a hectic day.

Oh, I must tell Eve to parody this famous, popular poster. It would be interesting to see what she came up with, and then seeing the two on the wall together! Whee!

12. Even bathrooms can be enlivened with a touch of art. The paintings will not mildew, since they 'breathe' and release any moisture that might have seeped in during your long, steamy showers. Cat pictures do this best, since cats don't like to be wet.

11. How about a cat picture in the bedroom? There's nothing like a nice kitty cat painting to greet you in the morning when you open your eyes. What a way to start the day. Better than having a real cat pouncing on you at 5:00 in the morning demanding breakfast.

14. Oh, yes...don't forget hallways. Hallways tend to be neglected, and that's a shame, since you have to go through them to get anywhere else. Cats don't like to be neglected, that's why they'd be perfect hanging in this spot. They wouldn't let you just walk past, your eyes to the floor. Your hallway will never be neglected again, as you smile your way from one end to the other. You could probably hang several cats in your hallway.

13. Children's rooms are perfect for cat art. Kids love cats. The young minds can meander into the pictures and take part in the scene being depicted. But choose an image that isn't too complicated for them. Picasso's probably out. Serenely posed cats let the children imagine they can reach out and pet them. This is especially useful if you can't have any real cats around the house.

15. Do you have some friends who would like to hang some cats? Gift time!

16. Interior decorating with cat art doesn’t have to be limited to just paintings, of course. Look at these cool items:

This is toooo funny! A windchime??

This lovely hand-painted ceramic cat tile can be used to hang on the wall or even as a hot plate:

Kit-Cat Wall Clock, Black, so the cats will know when it's time to eat, time to sleep, and time to play

17. But in decorating we absolutely must not forget the real cats in the house and their appreciation of the artistic quality of things that are meant to enhance their lives. Cats crave their own special, artistic furniture.


For instance, their spiritual feline nature would love the Lotus Cat Tower. The sleek, zen-like design helps the kitty reach a meditative state while he keeps his extra eyelid open to stay aware of everything in his view as he floats away in his dream state.

The cat who knows he's royalty can be king of his own decorative castle and rule the household from his artistic lofty vantage point. Perfect for the design-conscious cat. I want one of these :-) I'll see if mommie will get me one. I can sit at the top and remind everyone else in the house who the boss is around here.

Kitty castle

Sometimes kitty would just love to leisurely lounge in a little cuddle ball in a material color that coordinates with his coat. A comfy little hide-away, but not totally isolated in case something happens that requires his participation.

Cat ball

Cat Silhouettes

Depending whether the kitties want to Gaze, Prance, or Perch, the cat wall silhouettes with platforms will suit many of their moods and be decorative with or without the living subjects on them.


Then if the cats like the idea, you could line a wall with floating cloud steps for the guys to climb and climb or sit and watch their world.


Fledermaus says thank you to The Refined Feline for lending him some of their
gorgeous award-winning cat furniture for No. 17 in his article.


Use of all this stylish decorating advice and inspired suggestions will create a purrrrrrrfic environment for both cat lovers and those things they love.



I think I’ll call some friends and pass all this insight on to them. Now where’s my phone?



Happy decorating,


Russian Blue Cat's Advice on Decorating with Cat Art
from The Cat Gallery

P.S. Fledermaus sends you an invitation to hop on over to The Cat Gallery where you may find a cat that will grab your heart and you'll just have to use it with your new decorating skillsl. He hopes you may have learned some fine points about how to use cat art in your decorating to enhance your life and those of your cats. And he wishes you fun and success in your own projects.

He looks forward to seeing you on his site :-)


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      ESPeck1919 4 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      This is so cute! I'm sure our three kitties would love some of those towers, and those shelves.