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Russian Table Service for Formal Luncheon and Dinners

Updated on October 8, 2010

This type of service is used only for formal luncheons and dinners. It involves provision for an adequate number of waiters, as all food is served by attendants. It is the most elegant form of table service, very few homes have occasion to use it. Many good restaurants and five-star hotels, however, sometimes use the Russian service.

  1. The table is set with formal cloth and dinner napkins. Silver is placed for courses through the salad course. The silver for dessert is placed preceding the dessert course.

  2. Service plates are always used.

  3. Only the table decorations are on the table. No food is on the table at any time as all food is served by attendants.

  4. Place cards may be used if the size of the group justifies their use. They are usually placed upon the napkin, at the base of the goblet or any conspicuous place.

  5. Bread and butter plates are not used.

  6. Salt and peppers are not on the table. The food is expected to be nearly perfectly seasoned.

  7. The food may be served in one of these two ways:

    a. Food may be served in individual dishes and placed before the guests by the waiters.

    b. Food is place on appropriate serving-platters, divided into individual portion and passed to the guests and each one serves himself.

  8. Second servings are not offered.

  9. After-dinner coffee is a demitasse, served black.

  10. Finger bowls may be used


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