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Updated on January 29, 2011


Orgonite is a fairly new material that is gaining grass roots popularity and combatting the chemtrails that many feel are poisoning the world. This orgonite is also being used to help gardeners grow better crops. There are videos showing exactly how this substance has cleared chemtrail cloud cover on youtube (please see below for more information on the videos).

While I have not personally tried orgonite, I am interested in knowing and understanding more about it. I would like to hear from you with your personal experiences and thoughts.

As I gain comments and thoughts from you, I will combine them with the research that I find and will update them to this HUB page as I can. If you would like to be included on this page, please send your name and email address, so that you can be properly quoted.

Below you will find some of the most asked questions about Orgonite.


Q1: What exactly is orgonite?

A1: According to mike7997, from New Civilization News, "Orgonite is a simple mixture of fiberglass resin, metal flakes, and quartz crystal (the crystal isn't absolutely essential, but it increases the strength of orgonite)."


Q2: Who created Orgonite?

A2: Originally invented by Dr.Wilhelm Reich, but developed and researched by Don and Carol Croft.


Q3: What does orgonite do?

A3: Basically this orgonite is a substance that turns the negative energy into positive energy.


Q4: Can I make my own orgonite?

A4: The Answer is YES, you can. See the video on how-to make your own Orgonite.


Q5: Uses for orgonite?

A5: Puportedly orgonite can be used for many applications, to include Chemtrail sky clearing, Orgonite gifting, and better growth with gardening.


Q6: Is orgonite dangerous for use?

A6: In as far as I understand or know of, there are not any safety issues, nor any other harmful issues for using orgonite.


If you have used Orgonite, I want to hear from you and hear about your experiences to help others.

Make Your Own Orgonite!

Gardening with Orgonite

Orgonite Cloud busting

Orgonite Use

Would you build and use orgonite for use?

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