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Updated on May 29, 2013


In the previous Hub on this topic, I centred on everyday type cleaning solutions using materials we may have purchased without cleaning in mind but can find them most effective when used as they were by previous generations before the march of the chemical products now seductively packaged on our supermarket shelves began to take over.

These days,all of us faced with a cleaning problem tend to search those shelves for a quick solution to our problem. We find different products for different areas, for example, one product fot the kitchen, another fot the bathroom, another even for the shower. It does not stop there for we find a whole row of bottles, each the solution to a different kind of stain or stubborn mark. Of course, there is nothing wrong with these products ,though some complain of chemical smells and there is a link to Asthma suffering increase. However, for the discerning cleaner there are alternatives to be found in everyday products we can find in the home which we initially purchased for other reasons. Below are a further 7 solutions to common household cleaning problems that work well and save money for the user.



Anyone with a wood burning stove well knows that removing ash and smoke stains can be a bind. However, a simple solution is to use old newspaper sheets. Scrunch into a ball and rub the surface needing to be cleaned. The combination of paper and print combine to form a mild abrasive which clears the stains, after which a swift rub down with dampened paper brings the surface up to look like new.


The aluminium foil we use in the kitchen is an ideal agent for removing old grease and grime. Scrunched up and rubbed back and forth over the grill it soon has the grease removed and fit for more use.


My wife has a thing about Ants ! They come into the same caregory as rodents to her and Ant Powder is always to her hand. She dispenses death with puffs of the stuff. However, if a more humane approach is needed then use a mix of cayenne pepper and peppermint oil at their point of entry. Ants just hate the stuff and give it a wide berth. The detering factors are menthol and capiscum that combine to send the Ants off elsewhere. The mix can be put on a cotton wool ball or such and picked up when the job is done.


The most important thing here is what NOT to do !Do not rub at the pollen in anyway. This has the effect of helping the strong dye in the pollen into the fibres of clothing. To avoid that it is necessary to lift the pollen off the surface of the fibres. To do that place the sticky side of the tape gently over the stain and then peel off and see the pollen fixed onto the tape and off the fibres.


Most, if not all trainers stink after awhile. Tea Tree Oil is both anti-fungal and anti-bacteria so kills off the germs that make the smell. It is also considered effective in resisting the onset of Athletes Foot as well as providing a fresh and acceptable smell if sprinked inside the offending shoes.


Often a favoured pair of suede shoes get to be a bit worn down and dusty looking. Placing them in the steam from a kettle or pan of boiling water, if done carefully can provide excellent results in bringing them back to life. As the shoes meet the steam use a suede brush in the normal manner. The combination of stem and heat helps lift the dirt and grime and does not damage the suede as immersing or using water direct would do to the suede.


Fullers Earth, a clay powder has long been used in the woollen trade to absorb lanolin and oil before processing to assist the processes. The Fullers Earth will also take up and absorb oil from leather. As it is water free it does not harm or damage leather in anyway. It can be purchased from the Chemist shops to rub into the fabric where the stains are. If left overnight the Fullers Earth will react with the stain and absorb the offending stains. In the morning a swift brush with a usual brush will see the stains removed.


The two Hubs on this topic list just 14 simple, effective and very low cost solutions to ever present problems. Natural treatments are available for many more than 14 problems of course but the idea behind these 2 Hubs has been to stimulate interest in natural treatments, especially now that anyone can source the relevent information from the internet sources. The big chemical producers have nothing to fear as most will purchase their wares. However, the more discerning may find these types of treatments beneficial and maybe much more satisfying. Worth a go !


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