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Updated on May 23, 2013


I have to admit at the outset that this Hub is pretty far removed from my normal topics save that focussing basically on cleanliness, it has a link to our good Health and Hygiene. In fact, I can recall reading along the lines I will explain some years ago and actually using some of the treatments put forward for the first time, with unexpectedly good results. So much so that over the years they are now routine in our household.

Modern life tends to offer us all that we need, in bright packages sitting on a supermarket shelf. I have no problem with that and modern chemical treatments can be a real boon when you are stuck with a stain ,for example, that will not shift. My wife, a household goddess in her own right has cupboards full of bottles and sprays, some of which have been bought but never used and stand forlorn and forgotten at the back of those mysterious cupboards.

However, those products cost money and whilst convenient, like fast food they may not always be good for us. Links to increased asthma sufferers, for example have been laid at the door of cleaning sprays used in the home, whilst often the sweet smell of the chemical agents pervades every room.

Of course years ago when there were no sprays to be bought, or indeed money to buy them with, natural ingrediedients were found to have excellent cleaning properties. In these days of economic stringency, the older, more natural methods of cleaning are making a comeback and to excellent effect. This Hub focusses on just some that we have used and found effective, simple to use and at a fraction of the cost of modern chemicals as they feature items purchased for other main purposes.


Here are the first of two lists of natural cleaners found to be very effective in the home. A further list will be provided in a following Hub.


To get shining taps, soak a kitchen towel in vinegar and clean the taps thoroughly and wrap the towel round the base or where limescale has formed. Leave overnight and rub off in the morning when the acidic vinegar has broken down the alkaline in limestone. Use this on chrome taps only.


Wire, or Steel Wool as it is sometimes called, in the finest grade is ideal to remove any bloom formed on granite worktops or sinks. It will not damage surfaces.Just rub the wool lightly on the surface and rinse off.


Another use for the acidic properties of vinegar is to remove smelly odours from washing machines Simply put a cup of vinegar into an empty machine. Set on the highest temperature wash The hot water and acid combine to kill off the bacteria causing the smell.


Ccover the mess with the bicarb. Leave overnight and brush up in the morning when the bicarb has absorbed the moisture as well as removing any noxious odour. Vacuum away any residue. Note this is not to be done outside in public places where the owner must collect the mess in a plastic bag and place in a suitable container


Pumice stone or similar is often found in the bath room for use on feet. Rubbing in the same way on marks on the bath or sink and followed by a good rinse will remove the limestone but avoid scratching the surfaces.


A no cost solution! Immediately just spit onto a hankerchief or similar and rub into the blood mark.The saliva will break down the blood and help dissolve the mark.


To brighten up dulled copper or brass items,putsome salt on to the surface. Cut a lemon in half and rub the salted surface. The combination of the two removes the build up that causes dullness and scrubs away any dirt. A quick rinse and rub with a soft cloth is all that remains to do to bringback perfect shine

These are the first set of 14 natural treatments that have been found to work effectively, cheaply and with no potential side effects to humans. You may find them worth a go. We certainly did and in the following Hub I will present another 7 cleaning uses for basic products found in the home.


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    • Valene profile image


      5 years ago from Missouri

      I've used the saliva on blood trick many times and it is the only thing that works!


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