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Saeco Renaissance XV Thermal Coffee Maker

Updated on January 26, 2010

The ease of using the Saeco Renaissance XV Thermal Coffeemaker goes almost unmatched. Just press the brew button and the sleek-looking drip coffeemaker will begin brewing up to 50oz of steaming hot coffee. This 10-cup drip coffeemaker features a brushed stainless steel housing, stainless steel thermal carafe, auto-shut off, and cord storage - making it one of the best drip coffeemakers in its class. And because of its relatively simple design, brewing is virtually error-proof every time.

Saeco Renaissance XV Thermal Coffee Maker Controls       
Because of its one-button design, the Renaissance XV Thermal Coffeemaker is extremely easy to operate. Just press the brew button and you will have steaming hot coffee in no time at all. You can also brew as few as 2 cups at a time with the XV just by using less water and coffee than you would for a full pot.

Saeco Renaissance XV Thermal Coffee Maker Performance

The Renaissance XV brews 50oz of steaming hot coffee quickly - in less than nine minutes, 10-cups of coffee are brewed with ease. Couple its one-button operation with a sleek-looking stainless steel carafe that keeps your coffee hot for several hours, and you have a top-notch brewer perfect for any busy household.

Saeco Renaissance XV Thermal Coffee Maker Construction

The 50oz thermal insulated carafe and external housing of the Saeco Renaissance are constructed of brushed stainless steel. This coffee machine also features two-tone black and silver ABS plastic detailing.


The stainless steel carafe on the Renaissance XV will keep your coffee hot and fresh for hours thanks to its airtight design. To minimize exposure to air, there is a button on the carafe lid that is only pressed while the carafe is in the brewing position to allow coffee to flow in. When the carafe is removed from the brewing position, the button releases and seals in the heat.

Hot Plate

Coffee is kept hot and flavorful inside the XV's thermal carafe, so a hot plate isn't necessary.


The XV has a 50 oz water reservoir that is accessible from the top of the machine. To fill the Renaissance XV with water, simply flip open the top and pour a carafe-full of fresh water into the reservoir.

Water Filtration

The Renaissance XV does not have a water filtration system. To keep this Saeco coffee maker running smoothly for years to come, you should try using filtered water to limit scale build-up and that you descale the machine periodically. Scale has to be one of the greatest enemies of great coffee flavor. It is absolutely imperative that you avoid using any type of water in your espresso coffee maker that has any form of mineral content which can precipitate out of the liquid and form scale. Not only does the scale impart an unpleasant taste, but it can clog up vital components inside your espresso coffee machine which can drastically cut its expected service life. You have spent a goodly amount of your hard earned money on this magnificent new espresso coffee machine, so therefore you would be well advised to safeguard your investment by utilizing only water which does not lead to scale build up.


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