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Safe and Courteous Use of Leaf Blower

Updated on June 11, 2013

Tips on Safe Use of Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are essential portable devices used to get yards or lawns free of debris and thereby save our labor. With its gasoline engine or electric motor it makes raking an easy job if used along with a manual rake. If operated with care it is a very useful tool. But its wrong use can turn it to a very dangerous equipment. By adhering the few simple guidelines mentioned below you can use your leaf blower safely and with maximum efficiency.

Reducing the noise of leaf blowers

Be considerable while using a leaf blower as it is very noisy. Use the lowest possible throttle speed and nozzle attachments that reduce sound when using it. Quieter blowers are now available. If possible purchase one, so that its sound won’t be a disturbance to neighbors.

noise pollution of leaf blowers
noise pollution of leaf blowers

Proper Dress Code

The noise of a leaf blower is capable enough to damage your eardrums. So it’s very essential to use ear plugs or noise reducing ear phones. Use protective glasses or safety goggles while using it to protect your eyes. Wear a dust mask if it is dry outside. Long pants, long- sleeved shirt and a pair of gloves will protect your skin from dirt, cuts and burns. Wear snug fitting clothes that help you move freely.

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Leaf Blower Safety Tips
Leaf Blower Safety Tips

Proper use of leaf blowers

In order to use the leaf blower safely it is very essential to know how to operate it in the correct way. You must know the starting, stopping, running operations, nozzle movements, up/down and left/right motions. Never use a leaf blower in-doors or while standing on a ladder, slippery area or wet surfaces. Do not remove any safety features from it. You must also know how to stop the equipment immediately in case of an emergency.

When to use the leaf blower

Always choose a dry and sunny day to use the leaf blower. Removal of wet leaves from the lawn would be a very difficult task and it may even cause electric shocks. Be aware of the time when the use of leaf blowers is restricted in your area. In case of small jobs and to reduce hazardous dust clouds its better to avoid leaf blowers and use broom or hand rake instead. Never use a leaf blower on lawns just after a fertilizer or pesticide is applied on it.

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Some safety precautions

  • Whenever possible operate leaf blowers on flat and dry areas. Be cautious and check your footing while working on steps or slopes.
  • Never use an electric leaf blower in wet conditions because there are chances for shocks. You can use a gasoline fueled blower instead to reduce the risk.
  • Never bring your fingers, hair, feet or other body parts close to the leaf blower when it is working. So keep away children or pets from the area.
  • When using a leaf blower take care not to point it at people or animals standing nearby. It can whip up fine dust particles or other dangerous substances to hit on to their body or to get in to their eyes.
By following the above mentioned tips, you can use your leaf blower more safely and effectively. These instructions will also help you to maintain the peace of the place where you use it.

Video guide on How to Use and Maintain a Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is a tool if used in the proper manner is a very efficient device in our daily life and reduces our effort to a great extend. In certain cases some bans had been enacted on blowers due to its improper and untimely use. So the information provided in the article is sure to help you use your leaf blower in an efficient and safe manner.


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