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10 Safety Features All Homes Shouldn't be Without

Updated on February 16, 2012

Even though a home is fairly safe as it is, there are some things that you could keep around the house to ensure that it is optimally safe for you and your family. There is no way to predict or be sure of what will happen in the future, so the best defense you have against problems in the home is preparation. This is a list of ten things you should keep in your home to keep it safe.

First Aid Kits

You never know when a child is going to accidentally fall off their bike or when you’re going to accidentally cut yourself while cooking dinner. Either way, it’s good to have a first aid kit in an accessible area so that you can react to these situations promptly. These usually contain things like band-aids, gauze, antiseptic wipes, etc.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are devices that are designed to detect significant amounts of carbon monoxide from a fire. They are placed in various locations throughout the home so that their alarms are audible. Without these, how will you know if a fire is secretly brewing in your home?

Fire Extinguishers

In the case that a fire does happen and it happens to get out of hand, it’s nice to have a fire extinguisher or two around the house to smother it with. Never assume that you won’t need one, because the possibility is always present.

Outlet Plugs

These aren’t as important if kids are not present in the household, but they still help out a lot. Outlet plugs cover electrical sockets to prevent contact with objects other than electrical equipment. If you’ve got kids, these are very helpful because they keep tiny fingers out of the sockets.

Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system is typically installed in the ceiling to douse a fire in the event that it gets out of hand. It’s a good idea to have one installed in the case a huge fire erupts.

Motion Sensored Lights

Motion sensored lights are designed to immediately illuminate when they detect movement in the vicinity. These are great to place in dark sections around the outside of your house. They usually scare and deter criminals from proceeding with any of their initial plans.

Home Security System

A home security system is an electronic structure installed in the home to monitor locked doors and windows. Criminals set them off when they pry open locked doors or windows, and law enforcement is typically immediately notified. It wouldn’t be good to go without one during the night.

Emergency Phone Numbers

In the event of an emergency, it can be difficult to locate or remember phone numbers of those who could help. Make it easy on everyone involved and place a list of important phone numbers near the telephone.

Emergency Ladder

An emergency ladder is designed to be used in the case that there is no other way to access the main, bottom floor. Injury is possible if there is not an emergency ladder in the house during a situation like this.

Childproof Lock on Pool Gate

If you’ve got a fence surrounding your pool, you may be under the impression that it’s enough to keep children from escaping the property. You might want to invest in a childproof lock on the gate to ensure that they cannot leave. This goes for others trying to enter your property.


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