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Samsung Washer Review - WF210ANW/XAA

Updated on January 31, 2013
Samsung Washer - Model WF210ANW/XAA
Samsung Washer - Model WF210ANW/XAA | Source

When we moved into our new home and needed a new washer, we decided to look at different brands because the brand that we had been using tended to have problems with the belt after two years. We found this Samsung washer WF210ANW/XAA at our local Sears store. I was attracted to its simple, yet nice design. We had heard about the positive reviews on Samsung washer and decided to give it a try. So we bought the washer and its matching dryer. After using this washer for more than a year, I can only give it a 3.5-star rating out of 5. Here are the reasons why:

Pro of Samsung Washer Model WF210ANW/XAA

Model WF210ANW/XAA does carry some good qualities:

  • Its stylish design - Its simple yet modern looking did catch my attention. And I love its shining coat of white.
  • Its quietness - This washer is amazingly quiet when it is washing the clothes. There were times that I literately went back to our laundry room to check if had push the start button because I didn't hear anything. Even during the final spin cycle, the noise is minimal. The noisiest part is the loud 10 second music that alerts the user that the clothes is done washing. I can hear it even when I am in my room on the second floor with the door closed.
  • Its ease of use - The labels on the front buttons and next to the dial make it very easy to understand how to operate this washing machine. The little compartment for detergent, bleach and fabric softener is also very easy to operate. It is also very easy to load the dirty clothes in since it is a front load design.
  • Energy Saver - This washing machine does meet the Energy Star standards and helps save electricity and water each load.

Dirty stuff that accumulated in a washer.
Dirty stuff that accumulated in a washer. | Source
Cleaning a washer
Cleaning a washer | Source

Con of Samsung Washer Model WF210ANW/XAA

Although I love the stylish, quietness and ease of use of this Samsung Washer Model WF210ANW/XAA, the main qualities of a good washing machining seems missing. I don't know if we got a lemon, but here are what I don't like:

  • Its uneven cleaning performance - I was so used to the routine that I had with my previous washing machine. I would load a full load of dirty clothes and expected they would all be washed nice and clean when I open the washing machine's door. But to my dismay, the first few times I loaded this Samsung Washer full, some of the clothes were not even completely wet. I ended up have to wash them again. So I reduced each load to 3/4 full, but still I found some of the clothes were not being washed completely. Now, I only load this washing machine at half full, and yes, all the clothes come out clean.
  • Its smelly and dirty rim - the rubbery rim by the front door gets smelly and dirty very quickly if you clean it often. The design of the rim seems to function as a garbage can. It collects dirty particles from the dirty clothes such as hair, paper and dirt. If I forget to clean the rim often and the dirt has already settled down on the rubber, it is very hard to clean. Now I have a not very pleasant looking rim each time I open the washer's door.

Overall, I don't think I will buy the same model if I need a new washer in the future, but I think I might give Samsung's other models of washing machine a try.


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