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Santa Claus Christmas Decoration Using Statues

Updated on January 10, 2015

The Magic of Santa Claus

One of the most exciting and fun activities for me as a kid was decorating the Christmas tree. Though we had the same toys every year, they seemed different every time -- must be some kind of magic. As I grew older I noticed that the magic worked less and less with each celebration. Before it could dissipate completely, we moved to another country, which had different traditions, and our New Year practices changed. I think that one way to keep the magic alive is to change (or exchange) the toys, so that the process of decorating will be fresh each year. Here are a few Santa Claus suggestions.


These cute figurines resemble gnomes, or other mythical creatures capable of performing magical acts. They are pretty big -- 3 feet tall, and wear elaborate clothes, including coats with fur, and carry interesting accessories, such a wreath or a staff. Under their arms they carry presents, according to tradition. The most impressive feature of these old fellows is their beard. White as snow, it spreads in every direction and whiffs magic.

It's Official

These two guys are more classical and formal variations. They stand on a pedestal, which already hints at official status. Smaller in size, they can fit under almost any Christmas tree and capture the kids' attention with all the glazed details. They are more human-like -- we can see their hands and their smiles -- but retain all the authority of their profession.

Sets and Themes

Sets and themes such as these present a great opportunity to experiment, or guide a child's imagination into a particular direction. The process of decorating can become a game or a tale of itself: you have the option of revealing each statue at a different stage of decoration, forcing the kids to rethink their formed narratives and push them towards creativity. You are multiplying the fun by the number of figures you have.


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