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Santa Claus Wall Art Interior Decoration

Updated on January 10, 2015

The Face of Santa Claus

There are countless interpretations of Santa Claus' looks. On the one hand, the familiar and open representation reveals a generous smiling old face with a slightly sly expression. Decorating with a print showing such Santa would be a safe choice. But many artists prefer to cover the entire face and render the beloved character anonymous and somewhat distanced, making him a figure of general authority and power that nobody really sees... This depiction also sets free the children's imagination, allowing them to complete the covered features in their minds. Both ways are instructive and fun. I prefer the second one, because it leaves more room for darker and more mysterious understanding of the figure, and the entire holiday.

Big Small Santa

I picked these two guys for their enormous size -- they fill the entire space withing the frames, and concealed facial expressions. You don't know what he's thinking: is he rushing to a sick kid's apartment, escaping some Christmas demons, or returns home after a hard day? These questions are left open for interpretation, teasing the kid's storytelling instincts. Additionally, these two Santas are very small, nearly miniature in size, which makes them fit for private decoration. They'll fit on a bed, a table, or even obscure, hidden place.

Who Said 'MEOW?'

Another unusual choice is animal Santas, which are not really Santas, but more like his little helpers. I think these prints will remind everyone that pets are also family members, and will renew familial vows between the animals and the owners (I'm serious). Moreover, for some, pets are the only company during the holiday, so dressing them up makes up for lack of human contact. Considering that many dogs and cats need to wear something when venturing outside during the winter cold, the Santa outfit would make a good seasonal fashion choice. These two have already figured that out.


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