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Save Energy & Money While Adding Decorating Style With Thermal Drapes

Updated on March 20, 2011

Modern Thermal Drapes Are No Longer Hung Burlap Sacks!

Window coverings are great for dressing up a room, but they can also be used to insulate your home with thermal drapes. Windows are the main source of heat entry and heat loss in your house. During cold winter months, heat escapes through your windows, driving up your heating costs. This problem can be increased by poorly built frames or window casings that allow cold air pockets to creep in. That's where thermal drapes excel: A relatively small investment in thermal drapes is a very energy efficient alternative for keeping your home warm and cozy through the coldest winter.

Thermal Drapes Are Effective In Summer As Well!

In the summer, direct sunlight through a window can make a room unbearably warm. Thermal drapes with a foam or acrylic backing work well as a sun shade by blocking the entry point of the sun's warmth. They are a great way to increase the efficiency of your windows.

A heavy thermal curtain lining is critical for energy efficiency
A heavy thermal curtain lining is critical for energy efficiency
Thermal Drapes can be attractive and add to any home's décor
Thermal Drapes can be attractive and add to any home's décor

Thermal drapes are insulated, making them heavier and more effective than standard drapes. The specially designed barrier is typically made from polyester and is used to block out cold or hot air.

Sometimes thermal drapes are used as a light block as well. Thermal drapes are easy to clean; just wash in a machine and tumble dry on a low setting.

You Can Make Your Own Thermal Drapes!

Neither conventional silk curtains  nor bamboo curtains can be seriously considered to be thermal in any way, as thermal window drapes are usually insulated thermal drapes made from heavier fabrics. There are some silk thermal drapes, but they tend to be quite expensive and are usually custom thermal drapes.

If you choose to make thermal drapes on your own, there are many patterns for thermal curtains and drapes available at your local fabric store, including the innovative grommet thermal drapes. Most thermal panel drapes' designs are based around thermal pleated drapes but there is a variety of styles of thermal panels drapes available to ensure that everyone can have the optimal thermal drapes curtains for their needs and climate.

Thermal curtain lining is easy to detach from the drapes for summer or for cleaning
Thermal curtain lining is easy to detach from the drapes for summer or for cleaning

Thermal Drapes Are Available In Designer Styles

 Thermal Drapes no longer look like burlap sacks hung up on your windows. Some people may think that thermal drapes aren't stylish or attractive but that is no longer the case these days. There are many color and styles choices available that can be used as a focal point or decorative addition in your home. If you want to invest in high quality thermal drapes you will find that there are many generally available which are inspired by high fashion designers and interior decorators and they will add considerable aesthetic value to your home and provide years of superlative insulation qualities, energy efficiency, durability, and convenience.

You can even make your own thermal drapes, but it's often just as affordable to purchase them at a bricks and mortar local store or an online web based etailer.

Quality made thermal drapes really do make a difference in your home! Try them!

A Guide To Sewing Thermal Drapes

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      8 years ago

      Energy efficiency at home could be way underestimated. Just making small changes can have a big effect on energy usage.


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