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Save Hundreds More on any Quality Mattress Purchase

Updated on March 3, 2016
Jeff Watters profile image

Jeff Watters is a business consultant & freelance author who lives in Havre de Grace, MD, former manager of Mattress stores & AWAI member.

Getting a better deal on a good deal!!!

Save hundreds more on any quality mattress purchase

Today I got a call from a family that read my article “Secrets of the Mattress Industry, Save 50% or More.” If you haven’t read that article and are in the market for a mattress, please take a little time to learn what you need to know before you step into a retail store. The article you are now reading is covering how to get one last discount from the shop that didn’t get your business the first time around.

Assuming you read “Secrets of the Mattress Industry…” and you now have your best price, I am going to show you how to get an even lower price. These things go in order so please follow the structure laid out and then put your deposit on the mattress you are going to buy. I suggest you always use a credit card, as the credit card company will protect you if needed.

Shop for your new mattress

Get your best deal

Put a small credit card deposit on your final selection with the balance to be charged on delivery. Do not give them cash!

Get a printed receipt with all the terms and conditions, financial breakdown of the mattress, box spring/foundation, frame, etc.

Take that invoice to the competitors who sell that brand and ask them to beat the deal.
It is important to know that we are talking about a good quality mattress set. If the set you are buying cost two hundred bucks, you aren’t going to get anywhere using this method.

However, if you are buying a TempurPedic, Simmons (Beautyrest), or Stearns and Foster, you may just get another two hundred bucks off by taking your invoice to the competitors and asking (without showing them the invoice yet) for a price lower than you paid.
Tell them you already bought a mattress but want to know if they would be interested in your business. Get their best offer and then show them your invoice. Only show them the invoice if their offer is higher than you previously paid. Once they have it they will come down on the price if it is possible.

The reason it works is mattress salespeople are driven to produce sales. It is a numbers game that the sellers participate in and so do their regional sales managers. Many companies have a policy that they won’t be undersold. So give them the chance to cut the price and save you a few hundred bucks. With corporate bosses driving the sales policies, this could be a big payday in savings for you while the salesperson and regional managers earn the kudos of their company.

This method also works because many companies are bound to a price structure that is set by the manufacturer. This is called “Minimum Pricing" and is illegal in some states, nonetheless, it is prevalent in the industry. When you produce your invoice, you will find in many cases, the salesperson that sold you the mattress violated the “Minimum Price” rule. Therefore has declared open warfare on his or her competition. This is where it gets interesting because the factories allow a wider berth for those companies that tried to follow the rules. Therefore, you just may find yourself hundreds of dollars richer because you got a better price.

Remember, only a small deposit on your order. You may need to cancel the deal when ABC Company decides to beat XYZ Company by ten percent. This possible cancellation is also, why you use a credit card. It is easier to get your money back when it is charged to a credit card by filing a dispute if needed.

Good luck and good hunting


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