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Save Money, Space & Time With A Mini Washer Dryer!

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Mini Washer Dryer Machine Is Perfect For Singles Or Young Couples!

A mini washer dryer machine set up is superlative for the smaller urban homes, apartments, condos and suites: the mini washer dryer machines have many modern features which add convenience such as auto load sensing, whisper noise levels and have an extra added advantage that they can be left to operate unsupervised for several hours! The mini washer dryer machine requires a smaller footprint which does not take up an inordinate amount of space in your small residential area. However, these machines still require need a sink or tub in the immediate vicinity in order to provide a hook up for the water outlet hose.

A Mini Washer Dryer Is Available In Front & Top Loading Styles

A mini washer dryer machine is available generally in two separate engineered styles: front and top loading. 

The Hotpoint WD860G is a high quality single unit Mini Washer Dryer with 27 wash programs and 1600 spin dryer!
The Hotpoint WD860G is a high quality single unit Mini Washer Dryer with 27 wash programs and 1600 spin dryer!

When choosing one of these appliances realism must be applied. It is not possible for these machines to provide the performance of a full sized machine which takes up considerably more space and costs several times as much, especially in the capacity of the dryer since it is usually half that of the washer.

The compact variety is also available as portable washer dryer, which can be used and stored away and is a space saver. Again, these types of mini washer dryer machines are superlative for quick and easy loads. If you have an extended family with twelve kids, this is not the appliance for you!

Stackable Combo Mini Washer Dryers can fit in any closet!
Stackable Combo Mini Washer Dryers can fit in any closet!

A Mini Washer Dryer Makes The Most Of Your Limited Floorspace

Anyone seeking washer dryer combos but who is sorely limited in space can opt for one of the jewel like miniaturized washer dryers which offer all the advantages and functionality of the conventional washer dryer combination machines, but in a far smaller footprint!

A mini washer dryer is truly a great space saving and budget stretching appliance! A mini washer dryer combo consists of a mini washer & dryer which although can only hold a fraction of the clothes of its full sized counterparts, gets them just as clean while saving space, money, and resources. A mini washer and dryer is much more efficient on electricity and hot water usage than the standard sized models, and that is just one of the features that makes mini washer dryers so popular!

If you are really limited in floorspace, a mini stackable washer dryer can save precious floor space in your apartment. A mini stackable washer and dryer is a mini washer and dryer combo where one unit is stacked atop the other and you won't believe how well it will fit in almost any closet!

The Summit Combo Mini Washer/Dryer SPWD1160C is a very compact single unit that washes and dries 11 pounds of clothes!
The Summit Combo Mini Washer/Dryer SPWD1160C is a very compact single unit that washes and dries 11 pounds of clothes!

The Mini Washer Dryer Must Still Be Near A Water Supply, But Not Necessarily Vented

 The mini washer dryer machines are generally available at online web based etailers and at your local brick and mortar retail stores manufactured and marketed by major renowned name brands like Whirlpool and Hoover. The LG washer dryer combo is especially worthy of note as it doesn’t require to be vented like many dryer units but you, of course, still have to place the machine near a sink or drain nearby for water supply.

If you're tight on space and budget the mini washer dryer might just be the perfect solution for you!

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      Stackable Washer Dryer 

      8 years ago

      These units are also great for senior citizens.


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