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Save Money By Refinishing Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

Updated on February 16, 2014

Shopped Lately for Kitchen Cabinets?

In the event that you might have shopped to get brand-new kitchen cabinetry lately , you understand that it's usually far more cost-effective to refinish your own outdated cabinetry when compared with completely new models.

Look at new cabinets, and determine if you need all those nifty new features, or if the same basic function you have had is sufficient for your needs.

Listed here are 8 ideas which will help make the kitchen's cupboard refinishing an enormous accomplishment.

Getting Started

In case your cabinetry are colored or painted, eliminate the color using

a chemical type stripper. In case your cupboards happen to be

stained or even varnished, either clean up the finish very well or

take away the majority of the stain or varnish using a chemical

type refinisher.

Remove the Doors and Hardware


Get any doors off the cabinetry as well as get rid of the

handles as well as hardware. It will likely be much simpler should

you lay down your doors flat to work with them.

How Bad are They?

  Determine just how much deterioration or damage you can find on the cupboards. When there are just minimal problems, for example darkish staining surrounding the door handles, simply clean up those parts. Utilize a synthetic metallic wool scrubbing pad since it will not harm the hands or perhaps get snagged in the wood.

If there are pits or holes in the wood, get a wood putty that closely matches the existing finish.

Cleaning The Cabinets Up


Dip your pad with fresh paint thinner, mineral spirits, or turpentine, and wash any unsightly stains. After that. lightly gently polish the entire surface area, cleansing as well as dulling the surface to ensure the fresh finish is going to adhere.

Time For A New Finish


Once you have cleaned up the finish as well as eliminated any darkish staining, wipe on oil-based, transparent finish for example.Minwax. Most transparent surface finishes tend to be low-odor and many can be found in both shiny as well as satin finish. Use a number of layers or coats to get a heavier finish. Follow the can instructions for between coats.

If Your Cabinets Need More Than A Touch Up

If you realise you have to update much more than just a few discolored spots utilize a chemical type refinisher - a powerful solvent cleanser that will dissolve as well as eliminates an area of the previous varnish. Consult a professional at the nearby paint shop to help recommend an effective top quality refinisher.

Often Paint and Antique Stores will know of someone with a stripping vat. You will take the items to them to be dipped in a tank, and the stripper will remove the old finish.

Another option is buying new faces for your existing cabinets. You can purchase cabinet faces and replacement doors at home or remodeling stores.

Tips for Using Chemical Refinishing


Whenever you are making use of the chemical type refinisher, do the job within smaller sections or areas , as well as scrub the finish using a synthetic steel wool pad. Work one area then go to the next. Don't jump around from place to place but move in an orderly fashion.

 Your chemical type refinisher will probably take away the finish and also the color on the solid wood as well as stain. Rinse out the pad in additional refinisher whenever it becomes blocked with soiled finish.

Spruce Up your Cabinets with New Hardware


Last Tip


The cabinet's surface area needs to be sleek as well as uniformly tinted once you have scrubbed the entire surface. If you discover it is not, merely clean the complete cabinet with lengthy overlapping strokes using fresh refinisher as well as clean steel wool in extended, overlapping strokes. The majority of the stain color will stay, and also the wood is going to be quite smooth.

Lastly -Be Safe

It is vitally important for you to use appropriate clothes as well as ensure that your project area is definitely well-ventilated when refinishing the cabinetry. Wear appropriate eye protection as well. Also remember that you must follow any basic safety warning from the refinishing product labels. Any money saved by refinishing your own cabinets could be lost if you end up injured during the process.

Simply by following your 8 guidelines above, you are certain to take pleasure from your own newly-refinished, stunning kitchen area cupboards for quite some time.

Galley Kitchen cabinets
Galley Kitchen cabinets


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      I think it's most preferred choice for renovation of your home, it Plan your house by implementing these tips. it is The way to give your kitchen a new and refreshing look.

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      I found this very helpful! :) voted up and useful!