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Save Money For Unexpected Situations. This Is Something You Must Do.

Updated on October 3, 2015

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It is very important to save money . I thought I would write about this because stuff always happens. You're car will probably break down, and certain unexpected things are bound to happen that will cost you money no matter what. You may as well think seriously about saving some money, or paying more bills off so that you will have money you can depend on.

Anything can happen, and whatever is possible usually eventually occurs when you have a lot to maintain .

Having extra money in some place is a good thing, and something else is important. You may as well get use to the idea that you're car needs regular maintenance. Check you're tires. Are they still good ? Is the spare inflated, and do you have a spare? What would you do if you have a flat tire ? Can you change a tire ? Do you have the right kind of car jack that is easy enough to use on you're car ? Do you know what to do ? First you loosen the bolts, and then you jack up the car, and make sure that it is done safely. Finish loosening the bolts, and unscrew them from you're hub, and then carefully remove the old tire, and place the spare on . Tighten up the bolts, and slowly lower the car, and carefully remove you're jack.

It would be better if someone could help you if you're not able to change a tire. Do you have a cell phone, and someone to call ? Do you have a road service? Do you have a tire service benefit of some kind from you're credit cards. Some cards give you benefits you may not know you have. Read the fine print of you're contracts. Some cards give you free road service. It is definitely worth taking time out to find out you're benefits. In fact you may even want to talk to service representatives of you're credit cards. They can tell you about benefits because many cards have promotional offers that we forget they have. CHECK OUT FREE PHONES ! If you qualify for a free cell phone you can save the money you were using to pay a cell phone bill.

We have a free cell phone, and we love it. We were paying thirty dollars a month for our cell phone. They offer free phones right on you're computer. Google Free Cell Phones , and give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and all to gain.

Because I use two walking canes, I wear a kind of tote bag near my waist. It has zippers , and pockets to store all kinds of items, and a place for a cell phone. When I am using a motorized shopping cart in a grocery store, I often call my wife about certain offers, and sales. I call her about matters concerning the pharmacy, and medicine.

Try to get into a habit of keeping extra money in you're bank, or in you're checking account. Pay more on you're credit cards all the time no matter what. Think of it as a life saving event. If there is something you do not need, then you might consider selling it . Save money like a squirrel that gathers nuts.

Make sure that you do things slowly, and carefully. As a senior citizen I take my time in doing important things.

A crazy thing happened yesterday morning, totally stupid ! I was walking to our car, and I could not open my front door. Dang, double dang ! Why couldn't I open my front car door ?

Part of my seat belt was locked inside of my door latch . I almost killed myself trying to crawl into my car threw the other front door. When I finally got the door open I swore that would never happen again. There I was unable to get into our car. I squeezed into the other side door because our car is inside of our cramped shed. Also inside the car was a wasp. I am dreadfully afraid of wasps.

This is where my screaming came in handy. I had a cell phone , but felt more inclined to scream my lungs out for help from my wife. I am glad I have a dear wife. I am dead meat without her. She came to shoo the wasp away. I think something horribly evil tried to aggravate me . Poor Joann had to be interrupted from putting bread in our toaster. I was so glad my bad luck did not cost us money.

The other day I was taking a shower when I heard a terrible noise. It sounded like a busted water line. Dear Lord , don't let it be a water line. Let it be a thunder storm. I screamed for Joann again. JOANN ! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING TO US NOW FOR CHRISTS SAKE !

Joann told me there was a storm outside , and it was pouring down raining . Why in the world did a thunderstorm pick my shower time to make me worry about more expenses ? I am so sick of needing money here, there, and , for everywhere .

When I was a kid I was blessed. My mother always gave me twenty five cents a day , for school snacks. Unfortunately every little needy girl that asked me, for money got it from me. They ate snacks, and I stayed broke.

Get into the habit of saving, and when Christmas time comes, try not to spend it all up. Save for the common cold. Save for anything unexpected.

Save for a brother, or sister, or for a loved one. You never know when someone might need a little money for something extremely important. Encourage friends, and relatives to save money too .

Try to reduce waist in you're home. Cut off lights you do not need. Unplug devices that keep little lights on that only show they are plugged in. You would be surprised how you're electric bill will become a little lower. Keep air conditioner filters clean. Take good care of you're pets , and save ,for vet bills. Look for deals, sales, things you can buy that are used, and are just as useful as new items .

Do whatever you must do to serve you're family well. Learn to save money anyway you can, and also teach yourself to enjoy saving money just as much as you enjoy spending it.

Use coupons. Why pay a dollar when you can pay seventy five cents, for and item. Save the savings for you're emergency money.

God Bless.


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    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 5 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Phoenix : Thank you dear, and precious heart for your beautiful thoughts, and words. Wishing you, and your wonderful family a very pleasant Easter Weekend in the loving hands of God.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 5 years ago from On the edge

      Great advice!

      We send Happy Easter wishes to you and your family. A great celebration of our Lord's Rise from death and a promise of our future lives in heaven!