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Save Money on DryCleaning & Cut Down on Wash Load

Updated on August 11, 2009

Taking Stock of the Issue(s)

Serveral months ago I decided there had to be a better way to handle the laundry that accumulates between my husband and I. I took stock of what my issues were and found out the following:

  • I have too many dry clean only items
  • I let my sweaters and other delicate clothing that need to be washed by hand pile up in the bottom of my closet.
  • Simply spraying my clothing items with a popular order eliminating substance to make them last through one more wear wasn't quite working.
  • I also wasn't taking very good care of my garments since I washed them all using one type of washing liquid- not taking into account their fabric or color(s).

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, read on to discover some solutions I've implemented...

Some Solutions

Because I was also battling a moth issue at the same time, I became acutely aware of how important is was not to ever place clothes with the least bit of a "worn" odor on them into my closet. I then stumbled upon a solution -clothing shields! I read about them on the Internet and then saw them in a local fabric store. I bought them in nude and black colors.

The dress shields have changed my life for the better as far as laundry goes. If I'm about to wear a heavy sweater or some other clothing item that requires more effort to clean than your average pair of jeans or a tee-shirt, I pop in the appropriately colored shield and walla - my clothes are protected from any perspiration odor as well as deodorant stains. At the end of the day, I simply peel off the shield and rehang the item in my closet after letting it air out for a few minutes and using some Febreze as well. It's good as new.

This easy to implement solution has done several things for me:

  1. My dry cleaning bill has been reduced by more than half.
  2. My husband doesn't complain about all the laundry that piles up.
  3. I anticipate less wear and tear on my clothes now that they don't need to be laundered as often.

In addition, I began washing my bras in Woolite in the bathtub or on the hand wash cycle in the washing machine. I prefer the tub; however, because the bra hooks inevitably get hung on an article of clothing or the net lingere garment bag I've tried using in the past.

I also made an effort to stock laundry detergent for brights, whites, and darks. These will help my clothing to last even longer and look fresher and newer over the years. Thus, I'll save money because I won't feel like I don't have anything to wear.

Lastly, I had a garage sale, donated, and consigned clothing I could no longer wear due to size. I have found that adopting a minimalist approach sure has helped as far as the sheer volume of laundry I am face with processing each day. Now, I only wear simple tee shirts around the house, and I have several dresses and cute outfits for church and social events. I also have a few dark suits and one tan one for business meetings since I am a contractor.

Energy Saving Tips with Regards to Laundry

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