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How You Can Save Saving Caulking You Have High Energy Bills! Slogan? Turn Your Lights Switch Off When You Leave a Room!

Updated on July 15, 2012
Would you trust this used car salesman?
Would you trust this used car salesman?
Remember to turn off your lights when you leave a room!
Remember to turn off your lights when you leave a room!
A simple flick of this switch to off will save on your energy bills!
A simple flick of this switch to off will save on your energy bills!
You may use a caulk gun for sealing!
You may use a caulk gun for sealing!
There are lots of easy to use caulk tubes that do not require a caulk gun!
There are lots of easy to use caulk tubes that do not require a caulk gun!
Insulation I used to seal the drafts in one of my windows.
Insulation I used to seal the drafts in one of my windows.
Tropical vacation awaits!
Tropical vacation awaits!
You can enjoy a beautiful tropical vacation  by the savings you will gleam by following my advice on energy savings!
You can enjoy a beautiful tropical vacation by the savings you will gleam by following my advice on energy savings!

Used Car Salesman?

Have you read enough already about saving money on energy?

I would like to let you know up front that my article will be different from the ones you may have read before, and that I have undeniable truth that what I plan to talk about here will save you money. I will even divulge in detail my secret that saved me loads of money on my energy bill! Sounds like a used car salesman, huh? Maybe trying to sell that sporty red car. Nothing against used car salesmen, but you car sales people should be used to being compared to by now.

If this is any consolation to you, I have bought a used car before, and the experience was not half bad. Now, did I butter you up enough so you will continue reading my article? I certainly hope so! I had to reach way back in my memory to recall a favorable transaction between me and a used car salesman, so I hope my reaching back was worth it!

Let's continue on with my energy money saving tips, shall we?

Turn Off the Lights!

Do you know how you can save money right off the bat, without buying or doing much of anything? Very simply, turn off the lights in the rooms where no one is present, or even if someone is present, if the light is not serving a useful purpose. What reason(s) do you have for keeping the lights on? What is the light being used for if no one is there, and is the light really needed that badly?

Leaving lights on in unoccupied spaces is an egregious waste of your energy dollars. The money you save could very well be used to buy a car from the used car salesman I talked about. Not! The point here is you will definitely save money without really trying at all by doing this little step.

I know you may be in the habit of flipping the light on, doing whatever you have to do in a particular room, then going to the next room, without nary a thought about turning the light off in the room you just left!

I read some place that if you perform an action at least 3 times in a row, it will become a habit to you. Not sure if this is true, but it is certainly worth a try. So right now, do this three times in a row. Go into a room, turn on the light, turn off the light then leave the room. Again, turn on the light when entering, turn off the light when exiting. Let's do it one more time. Go into a room, turn on the light and turn off the light when you leave the room. Got it? Now we are good to go!

Turning off unused lights is not the only energy consuming and money grabbing product that can be turned off, if not being used. Look around and see if there are any appliances, for example, a toaster, blender, TV, etc. that you have plugged in an electrical outlet that is not being used. Just simply remove the plug from the electrical outlet. Please pull the cord out the socket from the ends/prongs. Do not pull on the cord itself to remove the prong from the outlet. It may be tempting to pull on the cord, especially if you prefer not to bend down if you have to. Remember, Safety First!

Just like that -- you saved energy and money!

Is there a draft in here, or is it just me?

I've been itching? to tell you about my secret to money saving actions that resulted in over a 400% reduction in my gas bill. That's right over 400%, and that is not an exaggeration, but the absolute truth. Refer to my used car saleman analogy above.

I'll start my gas bill money saving solution by asking you to imagine my utter surprise when my gas bill was in the mid to high three digits, leaning towards ridiculous? No need to divulge the amount --but just think of the highest gas bill you have had, and multiply it by 10, and that will be close to what I had to pay three months in a row -- until I made a stand against energy money wasting abuse at the hands of the gas company!

Collaboration is good!

I collaborated with family members about this gargantulous bill, and was asked if I had checked for drafts in the house. I knew there was a little draft coming from under some of the doors - nothing major in my mind that would cause such as big energy bill increase. But feeling like I was racing, coming down to the home stretch before I received another outrageous gas bill, I had to make this one last ditch effort to win back some of my long lost energy money. Therefore, I checked to see if there were drafts around the windows.

I held my hand over the divisions/joints in the windows in one of the upstairs rooms, and I felt like I was practically outside. A rush of cold air pushed against my hand, with such a force that I had to pull it away from the window. Ok, I may be exaggerating a little on the force of the wind, but my point is there were strong swooshes of air from each of the joints in the windows. Literally speaking, I had been trying to heat the whole world, instead of that one room, because all the heat was going out of the drafty windows, instead of staying to warm the room.

My do it yourself solution? Caulk and use insulation materials to cover the openings, draft areas around the windows. I used the caulk that comes in tubes, similar to those in the picture in the upper right.

I did not use the pink insulation type materials, but I believe it was a roll of one of those water heater warmers, which I meticulously cut to fit the size of the draft. A picture similar to the roll of insulation I cut and used is in the upper right.

I used a combination of caulk and insulation to make sure warm air was not escaping from the room. Maybe the caulk and insulation was a little overkill, but I was almost at the point of desperation and felt like a prisoner, with the energy bill being my jailer. I had to do something! I did double duty with the caulk and insulation on both the top and middle of the windows. The windows closed completely, so there was no drafts at the bottom.

Apparently the gas company liked my energy saving actions, because my next gas bill was about half the gigantic total it was before. I guess it takes time for the gas company to realize that my place of abode was not going to be a source for their large revenues! Over about, I would say 3 months, my gas bill came down to almost single digits. Of course the weather had warmed up a bit, so the reduction could have been the result of that also. All I know is my gas bill was drastically reduced!

I tout this as my secret because I do not think people realize just how much energy is wasted by drafty windows and doors!

Of course the ultimate solution is to replace defective windows, and unless the energy tax law has changed, you may be able to get a tax incentive as well!

Off equals Save Money!

One other measure I did was to turn the gas burner switch off whenever possible. Because in my mind, "Off" is synonymous with "Save money!"

In fact, you may use my just made up slogan for yourself, to help you remember to save on your energy bill. Let's say it together now..."Off" equals Save Money!" Think of or even say this phrase out loud when you enter a room, and act accordingly, and you will save money. I'm unable to guarantee this, because I do not know all the details of your living arrangements. But I do know turning things off is the way to go to save money on energy!

Drafty doors?

Let's talk about drafts under doors, which are scavengers of the hard earned money we make. Companies sell this cute little long dashund shaped draft preventer (my made up name for this) and other similar type products that you can place at the bottom of your doors to stop drafts.

You probably already know that one way you can check for drafts is to hold a burning candle (be careful!) where you think the draft is. If the flame moves or flickers, that means you have a draft.

I do not use candles to check for drafts. Instead, I just reach down and see if I feel air against my hand, no matter how slight. But you can use a candle if you like, or some other method you may already use to check for drafts.

If you do not want to spend money on the dashund, or similar type draft preventer, you may simply use a scatter rug and move it against the door. Given, some air will seethe through, but at least you are doing something about the draft, and not just letting that very expensive air into your apartment or home.

Did you know most if not all electric and gas companies provide free energy audits? They will advise you where you may be losing money on energy usuage. Put another way, they are able to tell you how you can save money on your energy bill!

Previously, when I was experiencing high gas bills -- before my money-saving discovery of caulking/insulating the drafty windows, I had someone come out from the gas company to check things out. I thought I had a gas leak because of the high bill! I do not know how the windows were missed during that audit, or maybe I skipped that particular room. The takeaway, is that the energy companies are ready to help you save money!

Here, on this line, is where I should put a cutesy link for other sources to save your energy dollars. But unfortunately, there are so many, I chose not to pick one, just yet. I do have below a video to help you, if you choose to try caulking your own windows, as maybe a do it yourself project.

Your goal is to save money on energy costs, thereby having money for other things, and ultimately making the world a better place for us all to live, with less energy being consumed needlessly. That's saying a mouth full -- pun intended!

Who knows? You may even be able to enjoy relaxing on beautiful tropical beaches, similar to the ones picture above with the energy money you've saved!

Used car salesman returns!

Me to the used car salesman. "Now you are telling me this "preowned" car is the top of the line, has never been driven, has good gas mileage and I can drive it off the lot right now ... tonight? Not!"

Our Motto

"Off equals Save Money!"


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