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Save Space with Divan Beds

Updated on August 18, 2013

Divan Beds

Divan beds are a great way to save space and gain storage; which is ideal when rooms are not very large. Double divans bases can have drawers at either side and even a single bed will provide one or two very large drawers; this can be one drawer the entire length of the bed, or two separate ones.

Ottoman Divan Bases

When there is not even room for drawers to be opened at the sides, then it is possible to get an Ottoman Divan base which has the top surface on hinges; to be lifted up to reveal ample storage space beneath.

Sliding Doors

Another idea in minimal space which requires no lifting, would be a Divan base with sliding doors instead of drawers; providing plenty of storage space inside the base.

Orthopaedic Mattress with Memory Foam
Orthopaedic Mattress with Memory Foam

Choice of Mattress

Divan beds today are made with some of the most up-to-date fabrics, and can be supplied with all kinds of mattresses; pocket spring, open spring, continuous coil, orthopaedic etc., and can be covered with latex or memory foam, as required.

Single Divan Beds

A single divan bed is an excellent choice for a guest bed, particularly if it is to be placed in a room which is used as a home office, as it can be covered with cushions and disguised as a sofa, while the drawers underneath will be handy for files or office materials.

Children's divan beds can be particularly helpful, as they provide plenty of space for books and toys etc., and help to keep the room looking tidy by tucking them away inside the bed: provided it is possible to get the child to put things away of course!

Custom Made and Next Day Delivery

Most suppliers will offer the possibility of custom-made Divan bases, so it is a good idea to measure your room and know exactly how much space you will have for drawers to open, or if you will need an alternative. The best way to shop for divan beds is online, so that you can prove all the options available to you without having to walk or drive for miles from one retailer to another, and then traipse around the stores. Online suppliers generally provide next day delivery beds too; unlike land-based retailers that usually have to take your order, pass it onto a warehouse or depot, which will then dispatch the order but you will probably have to wait several days or even weeks.

Pocket Sprung Divan
Pocket Sprung Divan

Comfort and Storage

Choosing divan beds with pocket springs and memory foam will ensure that you have the most comfortable bed possible, with plenty of storage included; thus providing you with the ideal way to make optimum use of available space in your bedroom.


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